You will become Zion and Everlasting

You will become Zion and Everlasting

Bill Brady   12/18/2018

There is distinction between forerunning and personal timelines.

  • Forerunning is at the place of seeing and receiving initial revelation.
  • We, as forerunners, receive revelation of the journey on behalf of the Ecclesia.

We can then testify of that revelation because we, too, have received it.

  • We personally go on a journey to become that revelation.
  • You can only facilitate others into revelation at a level that you have yourself.
  • If you have received it then you can facilitate others into receiving it.
  • If you have entered in then you can facilitate others into entering into it.

This is a long process during the earlier stages of the journey.

  • With gradual acceleration.
  • Once we come to Zion the pace of the journey really picks up.

Zion brings forth in a day.

  • This means two things.
  • The time from conception to birth of any revelation is much shortened.
  • And the birth resulting from revelation from Zion is in a destined Day.

Zion is the City of Truth.

  • Revelation of truth all comes from Zion.
  • In Zion it is a short step from “the Day” to “from Everlasting to Everlasting”.

In Zion we become the Day.

  • When we show up The Day comes with us.
  • “I am the Day.”

In Everlasting we become From Everlasting to Everlasting.

  • “I am from Everlasting to Everlasting.”

Zion is infinity.

  • That which we legislate we beget.
  • That which we beget is born in a day.
  • We give birth bringing forth “The Day of ____

Everlasting is in eternity.

  • Here we rule over all that we have created.
  • It is manifested.
  • That which we brought forth in a Day becomes from Everlasting to Everlasting.