“You just entered NJ! What do you do now?” Part 2

“You just entered NJ! What do you do now?”

by Bill Brady

So, you just entered New Jerusalem.  Congratulations!  What’s next? 

  • You have some exploring to do here in New Jerusalem (NJ).
  • You have a new relationship with the body of Christ (the Ecclesia) to experience.
  • You have a Destiny.  Begin the Journey into your Destiny.
  • You have entered as a king.  Begin the journey into your kingship.
  • You have a well known path ahead of you.  Get to know the path ahead.

Begin to explore NJ.

  • Explore the city.
  • Go out on her streets and enjoy the activities of the residents here.
  • If you like to go look before hearing other’s testimony, then go look.
  • Explore the city’s gates, foundations, the fountain of life and other landmarks.
  • Some like to go through other’s testimony as a door to encounter.
  • Use John’s vision of NJ as a door of testimony to go through into encountering NJ.
  • NJ in John’s Revelation of Jesus Christ
  • Engage NJ’s gates, foundations and the fountain of life.
  • Engage the Tree of Life that is found along the River of Life in NJ.
  • Experience Arcing as a Tree of Life Over the River of Life.
  • Arcing As a Tree of Life Activation
  • How to Operate Out of the Tree of Life

Begin a Journey into Intimacy

Change your thinking about the Ecclesia.

  • Commit to change your thinking about the Ecclesia is and what it does.
  • Jesus spoke of the Old Wineskin and a New Wineskin.
  • We are to leave the Old Wineskin and enter the New Wineskin.

Here are some resources to change your thinking about Ecclesia.

New Jerusalem Gave Birth to the True Wineskin. 

Get connected to the Body of Christ (Ecclesia).

Begin the Journey into your Destiny.

Begin the journey into Kingship

Get to know the roadmap of the path that is ahead of you. 

Watch out for stumbling blocks along the way!

  • EF has a mandate to help you to avoid stumbling blocks.
  • Those who do stumble have stumbled over the same things.
  • We have helped many others avoid stumbling.
  • When you know where they are then you can avoid them!
  • Stumbling Blocks