Words to Sum up the Journey

Words to Sum up the Journey  5/24/18

The challenge from Jane:  

  • What words would you use to describe the big picture of what we are doing on this journey ?
  • Looking to find 3 or 4 keys words that sum it up

The answers:

  • We’re Ever Discovering the Ever Evolving/Never Ending blueprint
  • Taking part in the restoration of all things
  • Unravelling mysteries
  • Discovering the fullness of our identity
  • Exploration, Discovery, Understand, and Restoration
  • How to assimilate the 12s ; ephod, cities, mindsets, fire stones
  • Full union as the bride
  • Full responsibility and DNA transformation to our glorified new earth bodies.
  • Plus being an on going creator of new earth ?
  • What about our bodies hosting the fullness of all creation?
  • So we expand into all of Metatron’s cube accessing all dimensions.
  • Because we saw in our Wednesday encounters that even restoration of all things is not big enough to describe the ongoing creation of new days / realms we can do as one with all creation ( not even one with just the Godhead ).
  • Still other governance to take into account but maybe that comes under taking our full responsibility as being the way the truth the life ?
  • Yes I feel we keep taking on responsibility as our identity keeps getting unraveled to us, I feel they’re intertwined. Yes I feel being the bride and all the other stuff we become connected to identity.
  • The journey is more important than seeking knowledge/content as we could find ourselves in danger of trading with the Tree of knowledge.
  • Man crowned with glory and honor in full union with the Godhead bringing all of creation under Jesus’ feet.