Why finding our scroll and working in benches really matters 

So we can have dominion over the earth- our biggest fight is principalities powers and domains not things on the earth so we are limited what difference we can make in the natural without obtaining real authority to change things. This is not given lightly by God. 

So we are changing society back to how it is in heaven 

Our impact in society is drastically reducing and we are on a rapid decline to becoming non Christian nations in the west 

The longer we wait to become a mature son the greater the Persecution of Christian beliefs and even freedom to go to church. Australia is experiencing this now.

Lack of Christian values erodes society and leaves a void that can only be filled by an anti – Christ spirit. There is no such thing as a neutral society. 

Without intimacy with Christ the Ecclesia becomes religious.

We are viewed as hypocritical and unloving. Many studies reveal this as the reputation of the Christian church.

We may see the rise of fundamentalism or Islam sweeping our nations and all the implications that may have if we don’t all play our part looking at the biggest impact we can have.

Welfare issues and crime can be seriously affected as poverty increases. 

Our God is waiting for mature sons to arise. We are not waiting on God. 

There are places in the chancellors houses and council of 70 that are currently filled by sentient beings as there are few mature enough to hold those positions of authority.