What is trading? Part 2

What is trading? Part 2

Used by permission from a post in Courtrooms of Heaven Facebook Group.

The author wished to remain anonymous.

When I go to have my bloodline judged, as a priest, I have to stand in all positions regarding (any sin issue).

  • Perpetrator
  • Victim
  • Condoner
  • Condemner
  • Fearer

I plead guilty to everything.

  • I have it all judged in my DNA.
  • I have all structures dismantled around my life.
  • I sever ties, reposition under government of my Father…
  • Justice, Judgement and Holiness,
  • Jesus… Way, Truth and Life,
  • Holy Spirit… Righteousness, Joy and Peace.

Then, I read an article about that particular sin issue.

  • NOTHING triggers inside me.

Or I hear a friend share about someone I know that has that sin issue.

  • NOTHING triggers in me.

I am then able to act on behalf of someone without arcing. 

  • I’m not condemning, condoning, fearful, victim or perpetrator.
  • I have been judged under the blood and the hooks are gone.

I am not ‘arcing’ with control (opening up a trading platform) because (any issue) is intolerable,

  • or heart breaking,
  • or ungodly,
  • or in pseudo righteousness,
  • or to feel important, or I’m afraid etc.
  • And I’m driven by an unseen motive to DO SOMETHING about it.

I am not driven or compelled or ‘reacting’. 

  • I can respond from a place of peace.
  • I can check in and find out my part IF ANY.
  • And chiefly I am free to love in this area.

Positive example:

  • I love heaven, everything and everyone I have encountered in every realm.
  • When I am in conversation with others about heavenly realms, it triggers in me and I agree and arc.
  • This opens a window for the government of heaven to access the lives & situations of those involved.
  • Often, 7 spirits will engage, or angels show up, revelation abounds and wisdom flows etc.

Also arc wherever two are in agreement regarding anything, Matthew 18:19

  •  “Again, truly I tell you that if two of you on earth agree about anything they ask for, it will be done for them by my Father in heaven.
  • So 2 agreeing opens a window, 3 on a bench, 4th opens a door…  we are a gate 😊

We are so much more powerful than we know!

  • We arc all the time.
  • So good to know what you are allowing access into your lives and the lives of others.

Fishing Expedition example:

  • I am talking with a sports mom.
  • She complains how her husband doesn’t do any of the driving for her kids sports activities.
  • She suggests how she should take a weekend off and then he would ‘have’ to!

She is a victim.

  • And is fishing for agreement to dishonor her husband.
  • And validate her manipulation & control.
  • She is governed by and trading with Jezebel.

If I agree (from any of the 5 positions), then I will arc with her.

  • And the conversation will be taken over, leaving us both slimed, reinforcing that trading floor as the governing structure over our relationship.
  • Reinforcing Jezebel as ruler of both our marriages.

We will feel used.

  • As we actually were and likely not know why.
  • Even if I do know why in measure, my resolve would have been to not complain about husbands, or not talk to her.

If I don’t agree, then it dies on the spot.

  • Not arcing
  • Not trading.

Judgement is a provision from our Father.

  • To sever ties,
  • eliminate ungodly trading,
  • close wrong realm windows,
  • untether,
  • untangle
  • and come out and be separate.
  • In the world but not of it.
  • In His kingdom, submitted to and one with Him and His King and His Spirit.