What is the Restoration of All Things?

By Jane Johnson and Bill Brady

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Coming into possessing the fullness of all 12 cities

Becoming part of 144k in Revelation 14

Judging all things that stand as a counterfeit of the headship of Christ in the ancient of days court

Dealing with the beast of sea and earth as in Revelation

Bringing in and being part of the first resurrection

Judging Babylon

Releasing angels to bring completion of God’s wrath spoken of in Rev 15

Completion of full justice for all things

Judging for alternate destinies

Creating cities in infinity around the blueprint for end times

Giving dead in Christ their bodies back

Redeeming the lost/captives free from Sheol,

Creating and ruling over cities in infinity,

Creating on new earth, living & operating from new earth,

judging the ecclesia to life for various things,

operating from our new earth body