What is the Big Picture?

Written by Jane Johnson – Founder of Ecclesia Framework

This is meant to summarise key points that are explained more in our pages.

  • Co heirs reigning with Christ of the new earth.
  • Having dominion over creation.
  • Being able to play a part in creation and restoration of all things.
  • Contributing to the billion fold harvest through accelerated ways of operating.
  • Becoming the descending New Jerusalem to govern.
  • Being in total union with everyone (not just the god head).
  • The ecclesia is the bride not the individual.
  • Recognising we can work towards being without genealogy through order of Melchizedek.
  • Moving beyond operating in gifts individually to operating out of the four faces.
  • Not redeeming an old earth but exploring operating out of the age of new beginnings and beyond.
  • Becoming manifest sons on a journey of being lords kings chancellors, mature sons, manifest sons revealing a transfigured body able to transcend dimensions.
  • Governing in eternity from the bench of 1, bench of 4 window (trinity plus us).
  • Becoming the ancient of days.
  • Operating out of different ages.
  • Operating out of different timelines (individual, earths, forerunner bench timeline and final blueprint).
  • Creating and Ruling over new cities as a bench of 2 to bring flow from eternity.
  • Moving into our fullest destiny written in our book of destiny.
  • Seeing the combined mountains of a mature son.
  • Forming benches of 12 fathering others.
  • Entering cities to govern from there (New Jerusalem, Zion, everlasting city, city of light).
  • Releasing qualities of the godhead before creation.
  • Giving over self government and the ego to gods full government.
  • Becoming like a child to enter eternity.
  • More than fixing our world.
  • Contributing to the first resurrection.
  • Bringing the Lost into higher realms.
  • Being a gate to mandate angels and give bodies to the Dead in Christ.
  • Becoming part of the bench of 1 in eternity.
  • Discerning big blueprints for end times.
  • Understanding New Heaven and new earth and how we can access them today individually.
  • Uncovering mysteries (Daniel calling).
  • Redefining the church into a new ecclesia wineskin.
  • Bringing the body into immortality and complete perfection so we can skip Death.
  • Fathering generations like Abraham.
  • Becoming love the ultimate expression.
  • Becoming the way the truth the life like Jesus (becoming the I am).
  • Living out of the current new earth now.
  • Engaging the full 12 fold governmental union and headship with Christ once we have entered and possessed all 12 heavenly cities.
  • —————-

Seeing larger mountains now described as:


True living everlasting wineskin


Judging to life the ecclesia

Creating new earth

Ruling over cities created in infinity

Governing the eternal blueprint from eternity

Governing over other governance – fallen angels , distorted DNA created by fallen angels

Governing over bringing all timelines together

Big picture mentor group recording

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