What is Our Response to the 7 Plagues?

By Bill Brady and Jane Johnson  June 2018

Many of us believe that for the earths timeline we are around Rev 13 or 14.

  • Due to current events in the galaxy referred to rev 13.

We believe through our encounters we have discovered an end time theology which we are calling Timelineism.

  • In Timelineism where we can be on a different timeline personally than the earth.
  • Hence the seven plagues are ahead of us as is bringing in the 144000 and the great harvest .

The Seven Plagues *:

  1. First Bowl: Loathsome Sores
  2. Second Bowl: The Sea Turns to Blood
  3. Third Bowl: The Waters Turn to Blood
  4. Fourth Bowl: Men Are Scorched
  5. Fifth Bowl: Darkness for the beast and Pain
  6. Sixth Bowl: Euphrates Dried Up
  7. Seventh Bowl: The Earth Utterly Shaken and Great Hail

*List is from the outline in NKJV Bible

We fully judge old earth by pouring out 7 plagues on our personal / 144 k timeline.

  • We pour out the 7 plagues on the earth, not on ourselves.
  • We cut ties with old earth and fully live out of new earth.
  • Releasing us from the consequences of wrong trading from others.
  • We call this secondary trading.
  • We can do this pouring out of the 7 plagues as a judgment.
  • As a governmental action for ourselves and the 144 k on our forerunner timelines.