What is our House Gospel?

What is our House Gospel?

Bill Brady  12/3/2018

A restaurant will have a house salad dressing.

  • And house wine and beer.
  • And other house specialties.

I thought about house specialties.

  • Paul preached what he called “My Gospel”.
  • What is our Gospel as a House?

Paul’s Gospel is the Gospel to the Nations.

  • A Gospel is Good News that is to be Announced / Proclaimed.
  • Paul’s Gospel is Good News to the Nations.
  • When the Nations believe in Jesus they become part of the One Nation of Israel.

The Gospel of this Hoses  is made up of the Gospels of each on the OUB Bench of 3.

  • Each of us has a unique New Name.
  • We each have unique Gospels.
  • Each Gospel reveals a Mystery.

Jane Johnson’s Gospel

  • Jane’s New Name is Destiny.
  • Jane preaches The Gospel of Destiny.
  • This is also the Gospel of How to Do the Journey.
  • This is also the Gospel of Don’t Stumble and Don’t Camp while on your Journey.

Bill Brady’s Gospel

  • I function in my New Name which is John.
  • It is a 3-fold name.
  • John the Revelator.
  • John the Father of Generations.
  • John the Builder of the Ecclesia as the House of the LORD.

My Gospel is also 3-fold.

  • The Gospel of the Journey.
  • The Gospel of Fathering.
  • The Gospel of the Ecclesia as the House of God / the House of the LORD.

Annoushka D’Souza’s Gospel 

  • Annoushka‘s new name is The Beginning and the End.
  • She functions in her two-fold name.
  • She begins things.
  • And she will finish things.

It will be Annoushka’s mandate to proclaim and bring about the End.

  • Annoushka will forerun the Restoration of all Things.
  • And the New Beginning.

I proclaim to you the birth of the Sons of God Wineskin!

  • The Sons of God restore all things.
  • And bring the people of God into the restored House of God.
  • See the page “Announcing the birth of the Son of God Wineskin!”.
  • You will find more revelation there on our function as Sons of God.

It is time for us to begin functioning as Sons of God!