What is Metatrons Cube?

My encounters here show

A very large chief angel over time spreading over the whole of a multi dimensional geometric shape that we can arc with to affect dimensions in time .

  • Like our spirit deposits when we engage a realm and leaves a string so we are always present in many realms even though we are conscious we govern or reside in a realm . It is like we are strings across realms

I DONT SENSE METATRON CUBE IS Outside OF TIME AS METATRON WAS CREATED to be over time ( so I see it as a place to affect the realms within time)

This is Mike Parsons experience showing link with the 13 tribes which I believe shows how the agenda is to bring all tribes back together

One united body

I have not seen this as a golden mountain ( I see a golden mountain that shows the fact we are without genealogy and come from gold dust so represents an understanding of Melchizedek ( son of god strand of DNA of Jesus )

We know there are created realms made from created light such as the earth and creative light .

We saw of the need to find a word that represents both and we called it ALL LIGHT

Here is a real encounter bench in metatrons cube


Mike Parsons encounter and understanding