What is a City of Refuge?

This can be spiritual and not just over a real city.

I have created a new city for the worldwide ecclesia.

I sense initially the cities are spiritual first

I see if the body can work in enough unity and link with apostolic resource centres so benches in various domains can link together over a city. This becomes a city of refuge where so much legislative work has been done that everything flows on earth and becomes more like heaven. Then the boundaries between heaven and earth reduce, so eventually there will be a new earth.


I am seeing this now as not a city we create on earth physically or even press in for spiritually dealing with principalities , nor a place when disaster strikes the earth we build nor benches of seven over different domains

but we build and take ownership of our own city in new Jerusalem and this then leads to a new earth forming. We descend as the new Jerusalem hovering over the earth but eventually dock where our frequency takes residence without conscious thought .


we are seeing to create flow from what was , we create values or cities in infinity ( in the realm of a new day ) . This represents all the things we have seen in heaven connected to our scrolls . Examples of cities are

  1. Where scrolls are fulfilled
  2. Where complete abundance

  3. Where perfect unity and understanding of the highest blueprint heaven has for us .

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