What does it mean to come out of Babylon?

By Bill Brady and Jane Johnson July 2018

The book of revelation exhorts us to come out of Babylon .


I see it is not really so much about not having materiel possessions anymore

But more about materialising and living supernaturally ie without food , money , walking on water , turning water into wine

Then we are free from the beast who requires us to have a chip to buy things

It may identify the wheat from the tares

All we did was do a governmental act as a bench to come out of Babylon

Do we have to refuse the mark of the beast and the chip in the hand ?

I see yes to this.  If we insist on trading with money we will have to take on this mark. So that is why I see supernatural living is the only option to us.

Someday we will make a choice about the mark of the beast on our earth timeline. 

  • Before then we need to chose to be free of Babylon.
  • We are all part of Babylon.
  • Or God wouldn’t be telling us to come out of Babylon.

The Call to come out of Babylon is a call to come out of the church.

  • And of the old ways of being Ecclesia.
  • And to remove the old ways from our thinking and actions.
  • Because we are both in Babylon and Babylon is in us.

One of the biggest hindrances to full destiny is staying in the church.

  • We have seen this over and over again.
  • So many start so well.
  • Then fail to finish because they won’t come out.

When we have come out of the church we still need to remove the church from us.

  • Our mindset must change.
  • So that our actions will change.

How can I say this?

  • Because we are One United Body.
  • Anything less than this is denominationalism.
  • Denominationalism is a manifestation of the political spirit.

Every organization has something of the political spirit in it.

  • If it didn’t then it wouldn’t be an organization.
  • I would be an organism:  a family.
  • And we would be One family.

Because we are gloriously free as sons of God. 

  • Anything less than the glorious freedom of the sons of God is religion.
  • Religion is a manifestation of the religious spirit.

Because we are meant to have an economy based on honor and giving.

  • Instead of one based on money.
  • And lending.
  • And debt.
  • And buying and selling.
  • Anything less than an honor and giving out of love based economy.
  • Includes a manifestation of the economic spirit.

There are four spirits behind Babylon:

  • The political spirit.
  • The religious spirit.
  • The economic spirit.
  • The military spirit.
  • Ultimately, the spirit behind Babylon is the devil himself.

Coming out of Babylon we see through encounter is coming out of other governance.

  • And from any behind-the-scenes governance.

or other government ( beings distorted by lucifer or fallen angels interbreeding )

May include nephillim or other races