What does a Great House look like?

What does a Great House look like?

Bill Brady   9/18/18

This is a part of the revelation of the great mystery of the nature of the Ecclesia.

  • This is a summary.
  • Further pages will give greater understanding.

“But in a GREAT HOUSE there are not only vessels of gold and silver, but also of wood and clay, some for honor and some for dishonor.  Therefore if anyone cleanses himself from the latter, he will be a vessel for honor, sanctified and useful for the Master, prepared for every good work.”   2 Timothy 2:20-21

What is a House?

  • It is the building and the family household that live in the House.

What is a Great House?

How does one become a man?

  • He has cleansed himself from dishonor.
  • He has become a vessel of honor.
  • He is made holy, useful for the Master and prepared for every good work.
  • He was born as a little child who has grown into a son who has become a father.

How does a man become a great man?

  • A great man is one who has followed the journey of his father Abraham.
  • He has sat down on the throne of Greatness.
  • And the thrones of Kingdom and Dominion.

He was given a new name.

  • He becomes a house.
  • His house becomes great.
  • His name became great when the name of his house became great.

A great house has a genealogy of at least 3 generations of fathers.

  • “I am the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.”
  • Abram became Abraham.
  • Abraham begat Isaac.
  • Isaac begat Jacob.
  • Jacob became Israel.
  • Jacob begat 12 sons who became 12 fathers of 12 Tribes.
  • And one daughter, Dinah.
  • That make up the House (nation) of Israel.

A house is made up of:

  • Generations of fathers
  • Sons:  their children who have become kings and sons
  • Children
  • Servants = angels
  • Tutors and Teachers who train children to be kings, sons and fathers.
  • = Holy Spirit, The 7 spirits of God, Lady Wisdom and her 7 Handmaidens.
  • And The Living Letters of Light.

What does our house look like?

  • It looks like Jesus’ House.
  • Jesus’ house looks like Father’s house.

What does Father’s house look like?

  • It has a bench of 3.
  • It has a Bench of 12.
  • It has a bench of 7.

It has a bench of 3.

  • Father
  • Jesus the Son who is Christ (King)
  • Holy Spirit.

And also:

  • Abraham
  • Isaac
  • And Jacob

And also:

  • Peter
  • James (James is the Greek name for the Hebrew name Jacob.)
  • And John

For a total of 3 benches of 3.

It has a bench of 12.

  • 12 Apostles who are the foundations of New Jerusalem.
  • 24 elders who are before God’s throne.
  • They are 24 Kings, Prophets and Priests.
  • They are a double bench of 12.
  • For a total of 3 Benches of 12.

It has a bench of 7.

  • It is Holy Spirit’s Bench of the 7 spirits of God.
  • And Wisdom’s Bench of 7  Handmaidens.
  • Two benches of 7.
  • Two this we can add the 7 Servants of Acts 6.
  • Three benches of 7.


  • 3 benches of 3
  • 3 benches of 12
  • 3 benches of 7

3, 7 and 12 are key numbers.

What did Jesus’ first house look like?

  • It has a bench of 3 made up of Peter, James and John.
  • It has a bench of the 12 Apostles who are elders.
  • It has a bench of 7 made up of 7 Servants who are deacons.  See Acts 6.

What does a great man’s Great House look like?

  • It looks like Jesus’ first house.
  • Jesus’ first house and every house after the first all look like His Father’s House.

A Great Hosue has a bench of 3.

  • The bench of 3 is made up of himself and 2 sons.
  • They are 3 generations of fathers.
  • The 3 are also Abraham, Isaac and Jacob for this house.
  • The 3 are also Peter, James and John for this house.

It has a bench of 12.

  • These are the Bench of 3 plus 9 other fathers.
  • These 12 fathers function as a foundation for this house.
  • Just as the 12 apostles functioned as a foundation for Jesus’ first house.

They sit at the table with the 24 elders and the 12 Apostles.

  • 36 Men in White Linen for the Bench.
  • The 12 are fathers and elders.
  • They do the spiritual work of fathering in their father’s house.

It has several Benches of 7.

  • One is a Servant (Deacons) Bench.
  • These are 7 sons who are becoming fathers.
  • They are being tutored and trained by Holy Spirit and Lady Wisdom.
  • And by each of their Benches of 7:  The 7 spirits of God and the 7 Handmaidens.
  • They are being trained to become elders.
  • They do the work of deacons.
  • They do the administrative physical functions in their father’s house.

Another is the Bond Servant Bench of 7.

  • It is made up of 7 of the members of the Bench of 12.
  • They have overcome as Kings on the Bench of 12.
  • They function as Shepherds for the House.
  • This a fathering function of mothering new sons.
  • Not those who are newly born from above.
  • Rather, those who are newly begotten into sonship.

How does an ecclesia become a House?

  • It produces fathers.
  • Who beget 3 generations of sons who become fathers.
  • The fathers together beget a house.
  • The house becomes the Body, Crown and Head of Christ.
  • The house is anointed to become a House of God.

What has to be in place before a house can become a House of God?

  • The House has to look like Jesus’ House.
  • It is a properly ordered House.
  • That is being ruled well.
  • Then it is prepared to become a House of God.

How can a prepared house become a House of God?

  • We follow the example set by our father Jacob.

Jacob set up a pillar.

  • The pillar is his natural house made up of 12 sons.
  • This is the house of Jacob.
  • The house of Jacob became the house of Israel when Jacob became an overcomer.
  • Jacob’s name was changed from “Deceiver” or “Supplanter” to “Overcomer”.

We are a House with two primary Fathers.

  • Destiny
  • (Jane Johnson’s new name is Destiny).
  • And Father of Many Generations.
  • (Bill Brady’s new name is Father of Many Generations).
  • We have become a House with overcoming sons.
  • This house is a forerunning house for the Ecclesia.

The pillar is the 12 overcoming fathers having become the 12 body thrones.

  • We have become a Bench of 12.
  • Together we are the Body of this ecclesia / house.

Jacob put a head stone on top of that pillar.

  • The head stone is the Bench of 12 having become a Crown.
  • The Crown is the 7 crowning thrones.
  • They are Glory, Honor, Power, Blessing, Wisdom, Riches and Strength.
  • We have become fathers and who have been coronated on the 7 thrones.

The Head is the Bench of 3 having brought the 12 into Headship.

  • The Bench of 12 is in the process of being coronated on the 3 thrones.
  • Together we are becoming the Body, Crown and Head of Christ / Messiah.

Jacob poured oil on the headstone.

  • Oil is the anointing of Holy Spirit.
  • It is poured out on the Head.
  • And flows down to the Body.

The Head has been anointed.

  • The anointing oil is flowing to the Body.
  • The Body is being anointed.

When the Body is anointed then this hosue will be a House of God.

  • In which God dwells as a burning glory within the house.
  • And the burning oil on our heads is an anointing of unity having been ignited.

This House will have become a forerunning fulfillment of Tabernacles!