What do we need to do before Jesus returns?

Written by Jane Johnson , founder of Ecclesia Framework / one united body ( aug 2018)

We are seeing a number of things Father is waiting for us to participate with him in full union and to grow up in maturing .

These come from personal relationship and bench encounter .

  • Becoming the bride and wife individually and corporately
  • Entering , inheriting and Possessing all cities
  • We need to restore all things.
  • We need to facilitate the full number of the 144 k to become the Bride.
  • Many governmental acts in the last part of the book of revelation to bring in God’s agenda not Satan’s ( which is seen in the first half).
  • Judge in the ancient of days
  • Become a fully functioning Ecclesia that has the anointing
  • Release bodies to allow first resurrection
  • Judge in city of justice
  • Judge the beast , the Harlot and the anti christ ( eventually )
  • Participate with Jesus in the great harvest
  • Judge Babylon
  • Come out of Babylon
  • Engage the shofar calls ( see page on this )
  • Understand what holiness is compared to righteousness that is not based on our good deeds
  • We need to become the army of God riding white horses so that we can come with Him – Rev 19.
  • Engage immortality
  • Operate from Everlasting in eternity .
  • Judge reptilian , Cain , nephillim and serpent seed