What do we need to do before Jesus returns?

Written by Jane Johnson , founder of Ecclesia Framework / one united body ( aug 2018)

Exciting page .

We are seeing a number of things Father is waiting for us to participate with him in full union and to grow up in maturing .

These come from personal relationship and bench encounter .

  • Becoming the bride and wife individually and corporately
  • Entering , inheriting and Possessing all cities
  • We need to restore all things.
  • We need to facilitate the full number of the 144 k to become the Bride.
  • Many governmental acts in the last part of the book of revelation to bring in God’s agenda not Satan’s ( which is seen in the first half).
  • Judge in the ancient of days
  • Become a fully functioning Ecclesia that has the anointing
  • Release bodies to allow first resurrection
  • Judge in city of justice
  • Judge the beast , the Harlot and the anti christ ( eventually )
  • Participate with Jesus in the great harvest
  • Judge Babylon
  • Come out of Babylon
  • Engage the shofar calls ( see page on this )
  • Understand what holiness is compared to righteousness that is not based on our good deeds
  • We need to become the army of God riding white horses so that we can come with Him – Rev 19.
  • Take on the names of Jesus and Father
  • Engage immortality
  • Operate from Everlasting in eternity .
  • Judge reptilian , Cain , nephillim and serpent seed

One big one !!!

Stand next to jesus doing all the things He has done along the timeline in the book of Revelation whether you believe the book of revelation is complete or not .