What are we are doing and planning to do? And how do we pay for this?


We are all looking forward to the day that a page such as this is not necessary.

  • I believe that that day is not too far away.

What we are doing and planning to do?  And how do we pay for this?


What are we doing?

  • Our fathers father many.
  • We seek and receive further revelation on the nature of the Upward Journey.
  • We continue to write pages as necessary.
  • We offer encounters for those at various stages of the Upward Journey.
  • We connect with those new to this ecclesia.
  • We welcome, orient and connecting them to chats and groups.
  • We have started a new family for those new to heavenly realms.
  • We train up emerging fathers.
  • We do governmental actions on behalf of the Ecclesia with respect to the end time.
  • We connect with those in heavenly realms through Face Book posts.
  • We are facilitating many up into sonship and fathering.
  • We are facilitating many into understanding of the Big Picture.
  • We are committed to ongoing discovery of new aspects of heavenly realms.
  • We are committed to the Universal Ecclesia becoming One United Body.

What are we planning to do?

  • We are planning and preparing towards regularly starting a new family.
  • We are planning and preparing towards having regular Face Book Live sessions.
  • We are planning towards receiving and facilitating our part of the harvest.
  • And facilitating them up into sonship and fathering.
  • We are identifying fathers of fathers and facilitating them their destiny.
  • We are identifying foundational fathers and facilitating them into their destiny.
  • We are committed to further teaching on sowing and trading.
  • Until all share in giving and receiving as destined.
  • And all take their destined place of responsibility.

How do we pay for this?

  • We are an all-volunteer family.
  • Volunteers give.
  • Many have bills to pay for Zoom and other technology on a monthly basis.
  • Some volunteer so much time that it keeps them from working to make a full living.
  • They are believing Father for support so that they can facilitate as volunteers. 


More fathers to be added to this list as they begin facilitating above volunteer level.

  • More will be maturing into emerging fathers.
  • Many will be maturing into fathers.
  • Some will be maturing into fathers of fathers and foundational fathers.
  • They will be volunteering.
  • And believing Father for their support.

“Your people shall be volunteers
In the day of Your power;
In the beauties of holiness, from the womb of the morning,
You have the dew of Your youth.”

We are believing for benefactors to be raised up.

  • Who will support fathers privately.
  • Avoiding the need to mention support.
  • So that we can simply be faithful to our mandates.
  • Including our mandate to facilitate the Ecclesia into taking care of her own.

The Ecclesia is commanded in scripture to take care of her own.

  • Those who work as volunteers to facilitate her into maturity.
  • And those who have need.

Thanks to those who have been regularly trading into us!



Here is a list of facilitating fathers who are believing Father for support:


Bill Brady is currently believing for $1500.00 US per month.

billbrady14004@aol.com, https://www.paypal.me/BillBrady633


Samone Jones is currently believing Father for $500.00 US per month.

Successful.jones@gmail.com, PayPal.me/kingsamone


Patience Yorke-Hagen is believing Father for $700.00 US per month.



Annoushka D’Souza is currently believing for $ 1250.00 US per month.

Annoushka_dsouza1010@yahoo.com, (Make a payment for goods and services as no other mode of payment is available.)  PayPal.me/AnnoushkaDsouza


Others are facilitating specific groups.