What are manifestations and how to bring them forth and notice them ?

Written by Jane Johnson Founder of One United Body. Oct 2018

All creation is waiting for manifest sons scripture says

We are seeing manifestations take many forms but we can just see them as physical. Maybe a healing or raising someone from the dead .

Revelation we heard in encounters :-

    Intimacy must come before seeking manifestation
    Seeking manifestation purely causes dependency more than other important things
    Other things are manifestations that are not physical Eg coronations
    Manifestation were fruit of preaching gospel . So how much are we presenting the everlasting gospel ?
    Why do we want smaller manifestation eg healing one person , translocation , levitation , compared to bigger acts
    We are raising the dead through our governmental acts !!
    Glory is a manifestation which we manifest all the time.
    We are manifesting different bodies
    We don’t see all manifestations but they may be happening
    We are dealing with things on a much bigger scale and that is important
    We are manifesting whether we think we are or not !!!