Welcome Packet

Welcome to Ecclesia Framework (EF)!

  • We see ourselves as part of One United Body.
  • We are part of the Universal Ecclesia.
  • We speak of ourselves as One United Body.

We are all called to a journey.

  • To become part of the Bride.
  • To become like our heavenly Bridegroom, Jesus Christ.
  • To Intimacy with Father, Jesus and Holy Spirit.
  • To take up Responsibility.

The Journey begins with responding to the Call to “Come and see”.

Some Resources: 


  • We are a spiritual family.
  • We are a family that is on the same journey.
  • We are journeying together into full Oneness with Father, Jesus and Holy Spirit.
  • We are journeying into the Universal Ecclesia as One United Body.
  • We are journeying into the restoration of all things.
  • And all things brought under the headship of Jesus Christ!


  • Please be our guest!
  • Look around. Get to know us.
  • Drink as much as you want.
  • Eat as much as you desire.
  • Stay as our guest for as long as you wish.

At some point you may begin to feel like family.

  • This is good.
  • The fathers and emerging fathers of this family will be glad.
  • They want to see you settling in and finding your place.
  • And becoming family.
  • These fathers long to give of themselves to facilitate you into your destiny.
  • They genuinely love you.

At some point please consider sowing back into them.

  • We don’t believe in charging for what we do.
  • Our materials and groups are free.

This doesn’t mean that what we are giving freely hasn’t cost us.

  • It has and is costing us much.
  • Please consider giving financial support in return.

But first be our guest.

  • And become family.
  • When it seems right to you, please consider giving to support those who are fathering and facilitating you.
  • You will find their PayPal information below:

List of Facilitating Fathers  6/17/18

  • For sowing / trading into.
  • With their PayPal info.
  • If you don’t have a PayPal account then click PayPal.Me.
  • If you do have a PayPal account then use their e-mail with your PayPal account.
  • You may want to check PayPal fees.
  • And find something that charges a smaller fee for your country.
  • Please let us know if you find a better way to send funds from your country.
  • Each of these fathers has, at the very least, been crowned in City Everlasting.

Each is facilitating at least an encounter or a chat or both.

  • Some are doing much more than this.
  • Some are working full-time or near full-time for the Ecclesia.
  • I would suggest that you give to those who are giving to you.
  • And / or give as led or by mandate.


(Click PayPal.me hyperlink or enter e-mail address into PayPal.)

Jane Johnson:  Asks that donations be made to other fathers.
Bill Brady:  billbrady14004@aol.com, paypal.me/BillBrady633
Courtney Carr:  Courtcarr11@gmail.com, paypal.me/courtneyc963
Annoushka D’Souza:  Annoushka_dsouza2010@yahoo.com, PayPal.me/AnnoushkaDsouza
Zoe Green:  wildgreenwren@gmail.com, PayPal.Me/joyunstoppable
Donna Irizarry:  Donnairizarry@gmail.com, paypal.me/DonnaIrizarry
Samone Jones:  successful.jones@gmail.com, paypal.me/kingsamone
Joanna Park:  Joannapark30@gmail.com, paypal.me/Joanna741
Eric Rachel:  ericrachelministries@gmail.com, paypal.me/ericRachal
Patience Yorke-Hagen:  phagan07@yahoo.com, PayPal.me/Patience888