To see 1000 churches  debating and implementing the principles of the framework by the end of 2016 so that we begin to return to the original definition of Ecclesia and start restoring Western Nations back to being overtly Christian.


An online portal of principles, practical ideas and a holistic framework ,  to see wise passionate followers of  Christ who are able to restore dominion to the earth.


To bridge the gap between knowledge and implementation in Church Discipling and an increase in the number of organic, fresh expressions of Church that are effective in reaching the younger generation.

To see use of our church health tool and notes as resources to help communicate a lot of principles quickly so we see churches operating holistically  rather than in  particular  traditions.

To remove obstacles that prevent organic methods to flourish and expand good practice, proven biblical methods  in a practical way that shows the big picture and acts as a checklist .

To help improve the effectiveness of  disciplemaking methods so we see a decrease in the numbers of Churchless and Done with Church population in Western countries.

To help the whole body understand good strategic planning and how to motivate, reach out , establish, equip, empower  and engage people from the most well respected tested sources.

To restore unity in the body of Christ by being  a resource sharing  organisations and tools that can assist the  whole body move to a deeper revelation of Gods ways and fulfill gods mandate of dominion of man in the earth.

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