Ways to Function in the New wineskin with the Body 

Written by Jane Johnson Founder of Ecclesia Framework

The goal is to model the Ecclesia as it is in heaven. Rev 21 shows the new Jerusalem and in there it says there is no temple as everything is in God. There was no formal church buildings before Constantine introduced them in New Testament times.

We DON’T GO TO CHURCH WE ARE THE CHURCH, the temple (Ecclesia). NT talks about priesthood of all believers meaning we all form a priestly role not paid clergy. The original definition of Ecclesia was a council where everyone had a vote. Meaning intercession is for everyone not those with that gift as we are all called to take responsibility for standing in the gap . 

I see in heaven:-

We are like the new Jerusalem ( with the river running through us and having gates ), descending over the earth  releasing light , frequency , ruling from Zion ( eventually ) as we progress 
Benches forming over scrolls and connecting in line with the age we operate from . 

Benches of 7 forming over cities of refuge encompassing different domains of society.

I don’t see mountains in Ecclesia gatherings and benches over them eg youth , women , children’s ministry , as I see continually morphing organic expressions mainly of small gatherings and benches of 3 engaging heaven, modelling different levels of the Ecclesia at everyplace level, city and nationwide level so we can all be part of this (See page on Four Levels of the Ecclesia).

I DON’T SEE a bench of 3 over a large Ecclesia with 7 mountains over it and ministries being set up in an Ecclesia

I SEE WE DONT REDEEM AN OLD MOUNTAIN as this may fade away very shortly but we build a new heaven and new earth with some different values from what we have seen typically . ( see characteristics of a new heaven and new earth page). 

12 major apostolic resource centres being established with smaller ones providing a source of resources, vision, equipping for the One United Ecclesia.

All apostolic resource centres learning from each other and encouraging people to seek resources from many sources not just their own to minimise heresy. Heresy comes from forming denominations / streams / networks and following a dominant leader who does not network across streams . 

Moving to raising lords ruling over their mountains, kings taking charge of the courts of heaven and chancellors ruling on cases presented to them.

REFRAMING PROPHESY  to becoming an oracle who engages the four faces over the arc of the covenant and sees profound revelation that can move mountains . The body is needed for this rather than praying or prophesying over people that brings dependence . Manifest sons can see blueprints easily . People are healed the more they cleanse and reinforce their own stuff. 

Moving to the ONE NEW MAN who is able to reflect the glory of heaven, being able to be outside of time and move in heavenly realms and dimensions translating heaven to earth as we are always seated in heavenly realms not trying to get into heaven.

I am questioning the existence of a local large Ecclesia gathering,  as in rev 21 it talks about there is no temple in the new Jerusalem , that God and lamb are our temple . We know we are the temple of the Holy Spirit too . Gathering weekly in a fixed local community can really mislead people what the Ecclesia is all about .

This is a follow up to this page which gives more detail.





Ecclesia Framework Core Group Ascension – 10 Layers @ Blockage of River of Life – 3.31.16

  1. Frequency.
  2. Visitations of Jesus.
  3. Apostolic Resource Centers/save havens/safe places for everybody to go.
  4. Hunger for change.
  5. Healing to maturity.
  6. Transfiguration.
  7. Dual Realms Citizenship.
  8. Wholeness.
  9. Ezekiel 47:3-12: Healing of nations – water is going up ankles, waist deep, etc. Refreshing.
  10. Priesthood – order of Melchizedek.