Moving To the True and Everlasting Wineskin

We don’t believe in replicating material and we believe in sharing resources from the body so here are some great short ANIMATED VIDEOS if you are struggling with “why leave traditional church.”

We are seeing we need a new wineskin and patching up or changing the old won’t work as so many foundational issues are wrong. Many have taken camp and trying to persuade we have seen in many cases is not fruitful.


When engaging heaven we were shown two categories as the heavenly blueprint.

The done with church, which are on the internet and non believers, such as new age.

God is really bringing the ecclesia together through the internet if we choose new methods and don’t restrict him to local meetings.

that will help show you how far church has strayed from the bible and effective methods when you look at the statistics of declining numbers and the declining position Christians have in society.

We were meant to have dominion and be at the centre of society influencing the key domains (not just doing church being insulated from society).

WE ARE THE ECCLESIA and the kingdom of god is in us so we are seeing the heavenly blueprint is legislating in benches, gathering according to scrolls not under any covering or senior leader in one localised building.

These organic methods are working really well and we have many groups forming seeking to model the ecclesia, providing opportunities to encounter heaven and obtain mentoring.

WE NEED MENTORS/COACHES to help others. You only need to be one step ahead.