Tree of Life Group

Tree of Life Group

by Bill Brady

The purpose of Tree of Life Group (TOL Group) is to facilitate your journey towards mature sonship.

  • TOL Group is an open door.
  • You can go through that door to enter into mature sonship.
  • Jesus Himself placed the open door to mature sonship in Tree of Life Group.

The goal of Tree of Life Group is a crowning together as a bench of 12 that will grow itself up into functioning mature sonship.

  • A TOL Scroll Group was the first group to experience a crowning as a bench of 12.
  • This occurred mid-January of 2018.
  • This was not around common elements of destiny.  Instead it was around ecclesia.
  • The new bench also experienced a triumphal entry into City of Zion and a coronation there.
  • This was a corporate entering into mature sonship.
  • God told me that this group is a prototype.
  • Every TOL Group is meant to follow into the same experience.

We are all on a journey towards mature sonship.

  • This begins as a personal individual journey with Jesus into relationship and responsibility.
  • We journey together with others who are on the same journey.
  • We learn to rule as lords and kings.
  • We become sons who are one with Jesus and with one another.
  • Our journey then becomes a corporate journey into corporate governmental ruling.

Jesus has given TOL Group a plan to facilitate your growth into mature sonship. 

  • We are looking for those who want to be shown the way so that you can walk in it.
  • We can help you to see the way.
  • You do the deciding to walk in it.
  • You do the walking.
  • We are looking for those who are willing to journey with others on the same path.
  • We are looking for those who want to become like Jesus.

There are five levels of TOL Group.

  • Each level is 8 weeks long.
  • Each Group is an ecclesia which quickly becomes a family.
  • Each Group journeys together through the various levels.
  • Level One is for beginners in heavenly realms.  It is a journey into increased intimacy with Father, Jesus and Holy Spirit.
  • Level Two is Scroll Group.  Scroll Group is a journey into engaging your Destiny Scroll and your mountains.  You will also journey in easy steps into facilitating others to engage their Destiny Scrolls.
  • Level Three is a journey into kingship.
  • Level Four is a journey into preparation for mature sonship.
  • Level five is a journey into beginning sonship with an emphasis on New Jerusalem.
  • See the self-paced levels below for more detailed information about each level.



Currently we are offering Levels 1 – 3 as self-paced and Level 2 and 5 as live groups.

  • Begins week of Sunday February 18th.
  • Contact Bill Brady if interested in Live Level 2 or 5.
  • Live means that you will have facilitators and a live group that meets by Zoom (video conference) at a certain time each week for 8 weeks.
  • Self-paced means that there is no Zoom meeting.  You can take as long as you want to go through the level.
  • Both live and self-paced groups have a Facebook Messenger Chat Group so that you can interact with others.  And ask questions.

Self-paced levels are available for those unable to join live groups at scheduled times.  You can see the outline for each level at the hyperlinks below:

Registration is Required.

There is a new Beginner’s Encounter Group.

  • These will be beginner level encounters.
  • There will be a chat for dialog and  questions and answers.
  • This combination would work very well for those doing the self-paced Level One.

TOL Group Schedule and Registration Information:

Beginner’s Encounter Group is for those new to heavenly realms. 

Engaging Your Destiny Scroll:  TOL Group Level Two

  • Sundays at 7 PM EST beginning Sunday February 15, 2018.
  • Facilitated by TOL Group Bench of 3 members Donna Irizarry and Samone Jones.
  • Requires that you have Level One or similar experience.
  • Requires a desire to become part of a group that will become a heavenly family.
  • Registration is now closed.

Beginning Sonship:  TOL Group Level Five.

  • Sundays at 9 PM EST beginning Sunday February 15, 2018.
  • Facilitated by Bill Brady and Patience Yorke-Hagan.
  • Bill is on the benches of 3 for EF and TOL Group.  Patience is a spiritual father who has facilitated Level Three and been with TOL Group from the beginning.
  • Please contact Bill to see if you are ready for this level.

TOL Bench of 12

  • Thursdays at 4 PM EST
  • Self-facilitated
  • Bench is building itself up into functioning mature sonship.
  • Group is full.

Bill Brady, Donna Irizarry and Samone Jones are the Bench of 3 for Tree of Life Group.

  • Please contact Bill Brady by Facebook Messenger with any questions.
  • Or by e-mail at