Translating Heaven to Earth 

Just a checklist (please refer to other material for scriptural backing). Additions welcome.

Getting a blueprint from the heavenly realms.

Cultivating desire in our hearts for this blueprint.

You are a Gateway through which angels can access earth. So you can come into agreement with your men in white linen assigned to your scroll and then angels pass through you to the earth .

You can form a bench with the trinity too or Angels on your scroll . You can present a case to the chancellors court with a bench either in heaven or with others. Benches take time to develop so joining with others and seeking if there is rapport in heaven can help before formally declaring it is a bench . 

Forming an ark with the cherubim over the arc of the covenant (so engaging four faces).

Coming into agreement with men in white linen and 9 voices in heaven (e.g., the church of the first born Ecclesia, Jesus , the father as judge, angels, cloud of witnesses, the blood, men in white linen).

Coming into agreement with 3 people for a blueprint and getting a fourth person to agree to form a window. The Angel of your house forms a fourth person .

Going back along the timeline into eternity and seeing what was and bringing it into the now so it becomes the future.

Working through the court system.

Shining as lights from heaven ( illuminations) to change the frequency of the earth. Or calling out a vibration be it the word of God , speaking in tongues , a sound , or the names of yeshua 

Offering yourself as a living sacrifice daily choosing righteousness to allow transfiguration and transformation  and commanding  your spirit to dominate your soul.

Using the 7 spirits to help us understand our position and elevate us. We must seek them , as they are not omnipotent .

Do not seek to open north south east or west gate without serious maturity