Transforming our DNA tools 

Spirit and Soul change…
By Sheri Scott

  1. We begin inverting rulership within our 3 part being… spirit rule, soul subject, body subject.
  2. We enter His rest and cease from our own striving. Grow deeper in face to face relationship with our Father, Jesus, Holy Spirit, seven spirits, Wisdom, Angels, men in white linen, hosts of heaven.

  3. We begin to take rulership of mountain back, killing whatever is on it that has been ruling, occupying your throne submitted to Jesus and ruling over our lives.

  4. The courtroom process of pleading guilty to sins for ancestors and self and asking for that to be judged in our DNA, removes legal right for other entities to rule us and removes iniquity record in us.

  5. Petitioning for divorce, restraining orders and restitution brings court ordered change in spirit realm. Going to the court of scribes  to administer legal docs  , going to Angels court to mandate Angels as well as release pre-existing orders written by those already in heaven .

  6. Begin submitting thrones of body soul and spirit to Lordship of Jesus, dethrone any entity ruling including self. Jesus will teach us how to be a Lord over our gates. Can do this multiple ways, including entering a guitly plea in court pertaining to gate.

  7. Deal with ungodly trading floors affecting your bloodline in court, revelation of these comes in layers so expect to revisit.

  8. Killing Kings, deal with in court as well.

  9. Altars, Celestial influences etc. can be dealt with in court as well.

  10. Untethering is much like the action of legal divorce. This can be done by declaration, or right in court room. The more we engage in heaven (4 faces, 4 compass points etc.), the more we can untether from. I personally always tether to trinity right after untethering from other influences.

The legal process is key, the outworking or administration of legalities has to been seen in this realm. So, angelic help, decree from our mountains etc.

Seedline cleansing I don’t know specifically but similar process. My personal experience with seedline of Cain was in Court of Upright, I requested to be separated, opened up like living sacrifice and snakes came out of my veins. Felt cleansed after. Some work on iniquities of seedlines done in court.

  1. Communion changes us when taken in Heaven.

  2. Being judged under Blood of Jesus is request to line up your DNA with His, I believe this eradicates record of iniquity.

  3. Frequency of Heaven changes our frequency which directly correlates to our body. We are transformed by raising our frequency by spending time in Heavenly realms, with our Father, entangling in light as light. Some things in Heaven raise frequency more than others it seems.

  4. Open gateways in spirit soul and body will allow realms to merge through us.
    To me bloodline cleansing is whole package, personal transformation, out of relationship with our Father.