BLOODLINE CLEANSING /List of Positive and Negative Trading Floors 

By Jane Johnson Founder of Ecclesia Framework

Please note we see bloodline cleansing of individual spirits like Jezebel is now a lower age and engaging Melchizedek to be without genealogy or operating in age of new beginnings out of the new Jerusalem is an age where we can then cope with more mountains and bigger concepts like global mandates


Positive trading floors

Planting in your garden

Trading on the sapphire floor before the throne

Sowing and reaping

Trading on the fiery stones that come out of the river of fire (Daniel) for fruit of the spirit (love, joy, peace, patience, etc.)

I personally have found this to be one of the most helpful tools to work through regularly looking for accusations and taking them to the court of accusation .

For bloodline you can wipe the blood over all generational lines and cleanse your tribes gate in the new Jerusalem allowing your tribe to access new Jerusalem ( 12 tribes of Israel ).

Negative Trading Floors

I do not believe we have to have a trained professional doing blood line cleansing for us, but that part of being a manifest son is to learn to do this ourselves and then show others the resources and how they can do it for themselves, and so move away from paid professionals/laity divide.

Jane Johnson 


  • Money, materialism.
  • King of Tyre robbed God’s temple, used the gold to build a trading city.
  • Baal worshiper (idolatry fertility, sensuality, child sacrifice).
  • Money Mammon took temple gold & built a trading city with it.
  • Operating from a poverty mentality.
  • Whenever I say, “I don’t have enough,” or, “I want more possessions ,” not trusting God’s provision.
  • Whenever I buy today & pay tomorrow, I am in debt & slavery.
  • Not seeing your whole income as gods and asking what should I keep ,not giving offerings when God directs you ,controlling your own giving
  • Giving to church buildings , salaries instead of the poor
  • Whenever you rob God to meet your own needs.
  • Stealing, cheating, falsifying claims, tax dodging, not working your full hours.
  • Gambling – trusting luck, not God.
  • Materialism, using things to meet a spiritual or emotional need.
  • Clothes, chocolate, shoes, & handbags.
  • Cars, boats, boys’ toys, houses, sex.
  • TV, music, books, family, work.
  • Gold from God’s temple to build our own trading systems.


  • Kingly seed.
  • Jezebel’s daughter or sister-in-law, married King of Judah, tried to control future seed by killing all possible heirs using political system usurping authority.
  • Baal worshiper (idolatry fertility, sensuality, child sacrifice).
  • Athaliah is after your kingly seed & future inheritance.
  • Whenever you say, “I am not good enough,” or “I can’t do this” because of your past.
  • Whenever you don’t receive affirmation because of your past life.
  • Whenever you trade the present for the future though sin.
  • Whenever you submit to familiar spirits in agreement with their lies about your identity.
  • Whenever you don’t accept sonship or God’s Fatherhood.
  • Jer 20:10 For I have heard the whispering of many, “Terror on every side! Denounce him; yes, let us denounce him!”  All my familiars, Watching for my fall, say: “Perhaps he will be deceived, so that we may prevail against him And take our revenge on him.”
  • Whenever you accept instant gratification rather than future blessing – Esau sold his birthright.
  • Familiars defame your identity and rob you of authority.
  • Masonic – checker board trading floor for future seed.
  • Promise of influence – family curses.


  • Manipulation, control, domination, witchcraft.
  • Daughter of Ichbaal (Tyre) married King of Israel, control the religious systems.
  • Baal worshiper (idolatry fertility, sensuality, child sacrifice).
  • Using control, manipulation, witchcraft, & domination.
  • Whenever you have used your emotions to get your own way.
  • Whenever you have been controlled by religious systems e.g. legalism, dead works.
  • Controlled by the political system of church life, offer of future position for silence or cooperation.
  • Whenever you have nagged to get your own way.
  • Whenever you have used your sexual wiles to get your own way.
  • Whenever you have used a substance to alter your mood – pharmacia.
  • Whenever you use a substance to mask or blot out something.
  • Whenever you have used blackmail of any sort.
  • Whenever you have accepted being manipulated for acceptance.


  • Murder.
  • Son of satan, serpent seed who murdered Abel his half brother because of jealousy & his nature.
  • Murderer, anger in the heart, justification of our behaviour.
  • Whenever we hold anger, resentment, or bitterness in our hearts.
  • Whenever we assassinate someone’s character to justify ourselves – innuendo, insinuations, etc.
  • Whenever we make accusations motivated by jealousy or fear.
  • Whenever we don’t forgive & release.
  • Whenever we don’t follow correct protocol biblically in dealing with conflict.
  • Whenever we don’t go and confront in love.
  • Whenever we have something against someone and talk to someone else about it.
  • Whenever you don’t love your wife by giving yourself up for her.
  • Whenever you don’t honour your husband by respecting him.
  • Whenever we don’t act as our brother’s keeper.
  • Whenever we take pleasure in someone else’s sin to make us feel better.


  • Seduction, pleasure, gratification that robs destiny.
  • Seducer causes us to lust in our heart.
  • Offers to falsely meet our emotional needs through self-gratification.
  • Mind – living in fantasy worlds.
  • Heart – patterns, beliefs, protocols to gain: acceptance, approval, affirmation.
  • Lust after a romanticized image.
  • Lust after an eroticized image.
  • Pornographic images, fantasies, gratification without relationship & responsibility.
  • Sex without love to meet our own needs.
  • Sex because you need to be needed.
  • All sex outside of marriage.
  • Some sex within marriage.
  • Enticement to lust after anything that offers self-gratification.
  • Money, power, position, influence.
  • Matt 6:1 “Beware of practicing your righteousness before men to be noticed by them; otherwise you have no reward with your Father who is in heaven.”


  • Gossip, lies, deceptions.
  • Twister demonic creature, deception, lies, & gossip.
  • Twister, perverter of truth, gossip.
  • Whenever you lie to make others think better of you, approval of men.
  • Whenever you exaggerate to give yourself a better appearance.
  • When you deceive by half-truth.
  • Gossip for self-promotion or advantage.
  • Use information as a source of power to get acceptance or recognition.
  • Cheat at tests, exams, etc., to appear better than you are.
  • Anything we do to fit in and be accepted.
  • Whenever you withhold truth to give yourself an advantage.
  • Whenever you try to impress people.
  • Whenever you act falsely or wear a mask to get people to like you.
  • Facebook –  Sharing fears, anxieties , speaking Death not life .  You are multiplying it with every wall & friend it appears on. Atmospheres draw the spirit world to it.


  • Opposes gospel.
  • Fallen angel, opposes preaching of the gospel.
  • Destroyer of inheritance & life to hinder the gospel.
  • Whenever we have refused to share the gospel.
  • Whenever we have preached false gospels.
  • Whenever we have been involved with religious cults (JW, Mormons).
  • Whenever we have been ruled by fear or embarrassment.
  • Whenever we have shared a cheap gospel of salvation message.
  • Whenever we have not pointed out the cost of discipleship.
  • Whenever we have watered down the gospel.
  • Whenever we have let our testimony be destroyed by sin and have lost confidence in sharing the gospel.
  • Whenever we have felt hypocritical & did not share the gospel.
  • Whenever we have compromised and not shared.
  • Ezekiel 33:6 “But if the watchman sees the sword coming and does not blow the trumpet and the people are not warned, and a sword comes and takes a person from them, he is taken away in his iniquity; but his blood I will require.”

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