“They Shall All Be Taught by God.” What does this really mean ?

by Bill Brady

This leads me to ask a question, “How does God teach us?”

God teaches us by direct encounter with Himself.

God teaches us through other’s testimony of their encounter with Him.

  • The Bible is a testimony of other’s encounters with God.
  • We connect with other believers who share testimony of their encounters with God.

God teaches us through on-the-job training when we take on responsibility.

  • We accept responsibility. 
  • He shows us how to do the job.
  • He does this directly Himself.
  • Or the 7 spirits of God tutor us.

God teaches us by direct dialog with Himself.

  • We have a conversation with one of the Godhead.
  • He answers our questions.
  • We answer His questions.

God teaches us by dialog with one another.

  • God answers us through the Ecclesia.

God teaches us by what we have been calling “connecting the dots”. 

  • There is a an initially steep learning curve in heavenly realms.
  • It’s like learning a new language.
  • After a while the hard work begins to pay off.
  • You begin to remember something that He taught you.
  • You remember something else that He taught you.
  • Then you begin to see how these things relate.
  • Then in a short while the “big picture” begins to emerge.

The most dynamic and alive way that God teaches us is as part of a bench of 12.

  • We have a group discovery encounter.
  • We share testimonies of what we are encountering.
  • We dialog together.
  • We begin to “connect the dots”.
  • We are taught of God.
  • And very little of this involves any of us teaching.
  • God does the teaching.  By encounter and testimony of encounter.

I picture us as a group walking with Jesus on our journey up to Jerusalem.

  • Along the way we ask Jesus questions.
  • He answers.
  • He asks us questions.
  • We answer.
  • We dialog.

We ask questions.

  • “Ask and it shall be given to you.”
  • “You have not because you ask not.”
  • When you ask really good questions you get really good answers.
  • This is how we learn.
  • One of the most important skills that we can learn is how to ask good questions.
  • We ask.
  • He answers.
  • He answers by dialog.
  • He answers by leading us into an encounter.
  • Then we share what He has revealed to us with others