The Three Separations to Mature Sonship: Part Three – The Self Ego

The Three Separations to Mature Sonship Part Three

by Bill Brady

You have done a lot of dying.

  • I should clarify, it’s a dying to.
  • You died once with Jesus.
  • This happened when you were baptized.
  • Death is a separation.

Three Separations

  • First separation is from sin.
  • It is a separation from dead works and to living works.
  • Believe that you have been separated from dead works to living works and you experience the separation.
  • It is faith in Jesus’ work for you on the cross.
  • Second separation is from self-government.
  • Jesus is our King.
  • Until we are separated from our self-government we remain king.
  • Again, it is by faith in having died with Him on the cross.

The third separation is from self.

  • Until this happens we have a record of our past and live from that record of a sense of who we have been.
  • Until then we are a reflection of both who we are in Jesus and who we have always been.
  • We believe to this final separation and then we are only who we are in Christ.
  • We still have memory of our past but that person is no longer in our present.

The Bible doesn’t use a word for self or ego.

  • It simply uses the word “I” in a way that is clearly full of self in a negative way or not.
  • The word “I” either contains humility or pride.
  • It contains self-exaltation or the humility that comes before God exalts us..
  • We have this idea in mind when we say that someone is “full of himself.”
  • This is the “I” that Satan used when he said “I will” about becoming like God.
  • This is the “I” that Adam and Eve first spoke after the fall.
  • This the “I” that has the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil as its source.
  • These two “Is” are seen in Paul’s statement, “I am crucified with Christ and I no longer live.”
  • Paul’s proud “I” died.
  • He was separated from that “I”.
  • His humble “I” remained.
  • This is the “I” that has the Tree of Life as its source.
  • This is the “I” that remains.

Untethering and Tethering

  • This is an untethering from the old and a tethering to the new.( unless you operate from eternity where tethering automatically untethers .
  • I think of Spiderman web-shooting his way over a city street.
  • He shoots  a web to the new building ahead of him.
  • Then he releases his web from the old building behind him.
  • By doing this he swings above the street from building to building.
  • The full process of separation involves three rounds of untethering and  tethering.
  • We untether from or proud old creation “I”.
  • We tether to our humble new creation “I”.
  • Only our new creation “I” remains.

This will be experienced as a series of mandates.

  • You will flow with each of these mandates.
  • Until you reach a full and final separation.