The Three Separations of Mature Sonship: Part Two – Self Government

2018 – This recent revelation.  Submitted to the body for dialog and further clarity.  Those things that have been revealed belong to us all.  We all can receive further revelation to  further “connect the dots”.

The Three Separations of Sonship Part Two

By Bill Brady

The first separation is separation from dead works. 

  • This was explained in Part One.
  • The experiencing of these three separations is something that is experienced by faith.
  • We believe.
  • Jesus has died so that we can experience them.
  • Holy Spirit does a work in us that allow us to come to experiencing each of these separations.
  • We cooperate with the work that He is doing and agree that we wish to fully embrace the 9 strands of DNA on the breastplate ( holiness , judgement justice , righteousness peace and joy , way , truth , life )
  • Dying to any version of how the ecclesia or end times should look .
  • We experience this process as mandate and flow.
  • The three separations themselves are part of the blueprint for Manifest sonship.
  • They are on our destiny scroll / in our destiny book.

The irony of Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem is that He died a week later.

  • We, too, along with Jesus, will experience the separation of death in this city.
  • We are a new creation and are alive in Christ.
  • We do not die to what we have newly become.
  • We die to what we were and experience being separated from it.
  • We can ask about the governance of the star houses over our lives if we have chosen to live from realm under Heaven inc kingdom of heaven and earth
  • We can see ourselves moving above the star houses ( massaroth)
  • Seeing the earth below so we are governing above the earth
  • Dancing on the star houses which show the full blueprint of mans destiny calling this to be revealed to man

Remember the stone angel that needed to be separated from the stone around it?

  • We die to all that is not angel.
  • We die to the old that has come with us into our new life.
  • Our first dying is to our own works.
  • We enter into His rest.
  • We enter New Jerusalem.
  • We still have two more things to die to.

We will believe to experience each of these separations.

  • The second separation will be from our self-government.
  • There can only be one King.
  • Before we were born again we were our own king.
  • After we were born again Jesus became our king.
  • But we were still also our own king too.
  • Even feeling we are led but blocking gates
  • We decide to come under full headship and into total union .

We will be separated from one last thing. 

  • The third and final separation is separation from self.
  • It is a death to ego.

Paul said of himself,

  • I have been crucified with Christ;
  • it is no longer I who live,
  • but Christ lives in me;
  • and the life which I now live in the flesh I live by faith in the Son of God,
  • who loved me
  • and gave Himself for me.”

What was Paul saying? 

  • When Jesus died I died with Him.
  • I (the new creation I) have been separated from the old creation I.
  • Jesus lives in me.
  • I don’t say or do things on my own any longer.
  • I have been separated from doing things on my own.
  • Now I do things by believing and doing those things with Jesus.
  • Paul was saying that he had been separated from self-works and from self.
  • This was by Paul’s faith in what Jesus had done for him and was doing with him.

When we are separated from self then we have fully left behind our old life and become god conscious continuously walking 24/7 with all of Heaven .

Ask if you see your stones become illuminated as we see them activated by residing in eternity

  • We are free to explore city of everlasting in eternity
  • We govern from eternity with Him in all the fullness of His ruling as we reside here ( we create in infinity ) .

This is the big picture.

  • Desire to be separated from your self-works, from self-government and from self.
  • Come to rest.
  • Take joy in the journey.

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