Important choice to be made by us

Important choice to be made by us

Bill Brady   7/14/18   Updated 12/3/2018

There are two harvests.

  • The harvest of the harvesters.
  • And the harvest.
  • We honor Mike Parsons and Freedom ARC

A harvest of what?

  • The first harvest is a harvest of overcomers and workers.
  • It is not a harvest of those who have only been born again.
  • It is a harvest of those who have entered into the kingdom.
  • The second harvest is a later harvest of  those who are born again.
  • And have not yet entered the kingdom of God.
  • The wheat are a later harvest of those who now chose to enter the kingdom.
  • The tares are those who do not.
  • Tares face fire that will bring them to being ready to enter the kingdom.

There is a currently a harvest of harvesters. 

  • These harvesters will harvest the harvest.
  • We are seeing the harvest of harvesters now.
  • These are the workers who will bring in the harvest.
  • This is the barley harvest.
  • It is being harvested (gathered) into the Ecclesia.

Then comes a second harvest.

  • This will come after the harvest of harvesters.
  • This is the wheat harvest.

“Let both grow together until the harvest, and at the time of harvest I will say to the reapers, “First gather together the tares and bind them in bundles to burn them, but gather the wheat into my barn.”

Wheat is gathered into Yeshua’s barn.

  • What is Yeshua’s barn?
  • It is the kingdom of God.

The tares are gathered to be burned.

  • The tares are not the grapes of wrath judgment.
  • They are actually part of the judgment of the Ecclesia.
  • “Judgment begins with the house of God.”
  • When God judges the Ecclesia He always judges her to life.

Forerunners are the barley harvest.

  • This is the early rain harvest, the first harvest.
  • The current harvest of the harvesters is the barley harvest.
  • The barley harvest is gathered into the kingdom of God.
  • The kingdom of God is New Jerusalem. 

Overcomers are harvested in the current barley harvest of the harvesters.

  • Harvesters are workers in the harvest.
  • They take responsibility.
  • Workers can overcome.
  • There is no difficulty telling if someone could be an overcomer.
  • Workers are candidates for overcoming.
  • Non workers are not.
  • Barley overcomes and gets to work in the harvest.
  • Harvesting others into becoming overcomers and workers in the harvest..

The separation of the wheat and tares will happen in the wheat harvest.

  • This is the next harvest after the current harvest of the harvesters.
  • The tares are growing in amongst the wheat.
  • The wheat that will be harvested can not be distinguished from tares.
  • Tares and wheat are growing together waiting for the coming harvest.
  • They look alike until the harvest.
  • Neither is working in the harvest.
  • Neither are overcomers.

Tares and wheat look alike when they are young plants.

  • You can only tell them apart by their fruits.
  • You can tell them apart when the grain is ripe and ready for harvest.
  • Wheat choses the kingdom at the last minute.

Barley looks like New Jerusalem.

  • So does mature wheat.
  • Overcomers chose to go on to come out of Babylon.
  • They are given new names.
  • These are the barley and the wheat.

All of us are marked with some name.

  • Either the names of Jesus, New Jerusalem and our new name.
  • Or the mark of the beast.

Those who look like Babylon are the tares.

  • They are believers who have chosen not to enter New Jerusalem.
  • As mature fruit they will chose to take the mark of the beast.
  • They chose to remain in Babylon.
  • By choosing this they chose Babylon’s judgment for themselves.

‘Then a third angel followed them, saying with a loud voice, “If anyone worships the beast and his image, and receives his mark on his forehead or on his hand,  he himself shall also drink of the wine of the wrath of God, which is poured out full strength into the cup of His indignation. He shall be tormented with fire and brimstone in the presence of the holy angels and in the presence of the Lamb.”‘ Revelation 14:9-10

Once both the tares and wheat can be seen, then the harvest can begin.

  • First the tares get harvested out from amongst the wheat.
  • And go into the fire.

At this time I don’t see fire as the second death.

  • But I also don’t see it as pleasant.
  • It’s definitely better to be wheat then to be tares.
  • It is best to avoid the fire.
  • Both the tares and the wheat are believers.

This will leave the wheat to be harvested soon after.

  • The wheat is gathered into Yeshua’s barn.
  • This is a good place to be.

What harvest are you?

  • Barley?
  • Wheat?
  • Or Tares?

Being part of the barley harvest is likely based on choices that you made long ago.

  • You are either ready to be part of the barely harvest or not.
  • If you are not the barley harvest, then you are part of the wheat / tares harvest.

If you are part of the wheat harvest you can chose to be wheat.

  • Or you can make no choice at all.
  • This is choosing to be a tare.
  • It’s not a good choice.
  • But it is your choice to make.

What harvest are you?

  • Barley?
  • Wheat?
  • Or Tares?
  • After dialog with others, I am asking if we are actually a little of each?

Some have suggested:

  • There are barley, wheat and tares mindsets.
  • One person can have one or more of these mindsets.
  • It is the separation of truth and mixture (deception imbedded within truth).
  • It isn’t a separation of people but of mindsets within man.
  • It is our choice at this time to allow truth to begin showing each one of us the mixture and deception we have within our beliefs, mindsets, opinions and within the earthly institutions.
  • Religion being at the top of the list.
  • Wheat and tares are in each person.
  • Tares are obvious as we mature.
  • We are being harvested and separated.

Very thought-provoking!

  • Time to trade out of the tares mindset.
  • Time to trade out of the wheat mindset.
  • Time to trade into the barley mindset.
  • The barley mindset is the mindset of the Overcomer!
  • I chose to overcome because I want to overcome.
  • The wheat mindset is the mindset that says I will overcome at the last minute.

The biggest danger is that someone will do nothing.

  • And end up being a tare.
  • Overcoming really is the expected norm.
  • And not something exceptional.

Trade out of the wheat and tares mindset and into the barley mindset? Do nothing and you’ll end up a tare.


Thanks to Daniel Jedidiah Cook for this definition of “Tares”.


Tarz (zizania (Matthew 13:25), margin “darnel”):

  • “Zizania” is equivalent to Arabic “Zuwan”, the name given to several varieties of darnel of which Lolium temulentum, the “bearded darnel,” is the one most resembling wheat, and has been supposed to be degenerated wheat.
  • On the near approach of harvest it is carefully weeded out from among the wheat by the women and children.
  • Zuwan is commonly used as chickens’ food; it is not poisonous to human beings unless infected with the mold ergot.