The Secret to Fulfilling Your Destiny

The Secret to Fulfilling Your Destiny

by Bill Brady

This page will activate you into building with the Master builder and doing so by a flow of Holy Spirit.


“Unless the Lord builds the house the builders build vain.” 

You will fulfill your destiny when you build what God wants you to build.

  • God has a plan for what He wants you to build.
  • God wants you to build together with other believers.
  • God wants you to build with Jesus.

We experience building with Jesus as

  • receiving blueprints
  • receiving mandates
  • building according to a mandate
  • by flowing with Holy Spirit


  • A blueprint is God’s plan for a heavenly building.
  • A destiny scroll is a personal blueprint.
  • A destiny scroll is a plan for your life.

Biblical Examples of Blueprints:

  • The plan for the tabernacle that God gave to Moses
  • The plan for the temple that God gave to David.

We are God’s temple.

  • There is a plan for the Universal Ecclesia.
  • There is a plan for every smaller expression of the ecclesia.
  • There is a plan for every bench.
  • There is a plan for every believer.

Engaging your book of destiny.

  • You can engage to see your current pages and current destiny.
  • Open more and more pages.
  • You can ask to see the end page.
  • You can go to the judgement seat of Christ and have all before now judged.
  • Wood, hay and straw will be burned up.
  • Gold, silver and precious stones remain.
  • You can overlap the pages with the Lamb’s book of life.

Engaging a blueprint is like engaging your destiny scroll.

  • First you receive the blueprint.
  • Then you engage it.

Every bench has a blueprint.

  • It is usually given to one of the bench of 3.
  • The bench of 3 comes to agreement about the blueprint.
  • The bench of 3 passes that understanding to the bench of 12.
  • The bench of 12 builds according to the blueprint.
  • Benches of 12 are meant to build themselves up into Manifest Sonship.


  • A blueprint is the big-picture plan for the purpose that God has for a bench.
  • A destiny scroll is the big-picture plan for a life.
  • A mandate is the small-picture plan for a part of a blueprint.
  • A mandate is a work order to build a smaller part of the big building

A mandate reveals what God wants us to do right now. 

  • It can be as small as, “Say this to that person”.
  • It can be as big as something that will take days or weeks to do.

We receive many mandates in a day.

  • We wake up in the morning with one or more mandates on our heart.
  • Mandates come to us throughout the day.


We have all experienced flowing with Holy Spirit.

  • Flow prompts us to do something that Holy Spirit wants done.
  • When we say “Yes” then it does get done.
  • When we say “No” then it doesn’t get done.
  • When we continue to flow then it continues to get done.
  • We do this with the energy provided by Holy Spirit.

Flow is experienced as a river flowing from the believer.

  • The flow can be a pure flow purely from God.
  • The flow can be a mixed flow.  Some from God and some from man or a spirit.
  • We learn to flow with less and less mixture.

Working on a bench protects us from mixed flow.

  • Together we work to discern blueprints and mandates.
  • Together we discern what is of God.

Jesus is building the Ecclesia

  • by blueprints, mandates and flow.
  • by united benches of 12.

We are all meant to be a member of at least one bench of 3 or 12.

Jesus is building His Ecclesia.  We are to build with Him.

  • There is no greater work!
  • There is no greater source of joy!
  • There is no greater adventure! in doing a mandate?


Our lives are on-the-job-training.  We will learn how to function in blueprints, mandates and flow.  It’s not hard.  Once you learn how, then your life will be a moment by moment experience of building with Jesus according to your destiny scroll.  There is no greater adventure!