The Problems of the Ecclesia

The Problems of the Ecclesia

By Bill Brady   7/25/18

In Revelation 2 and 3 Yeshua lists issues with the 7 churches. 

  • Each church was required to overcome specific issues.
  • We as the Ecclesia are required to overcome them all.
  • This is important revelation.

We are meant to see ourselves as we see Yeshua in Revelation 1.

  • Yeshua is revealed so that we can behold Him.
  • And become like Him.

We are to see ourselves as complete in Christ.

  • Doing perfect works from perfect faith and love.
  • This is important because we become what we think about.
  • “As a man thinks in his heart so is he.”

Here is a list of what Yeshua said He had against the Ecclesia. 

  • This list is partial list from Rev 2 and 3.
  • We are to turn way from everything on this list.
  • We have forsaken our first love.
  • We eat food sacrificed to idols and commit sexual immorality.
  • We tolerate the presence of the spirit of Jezebel in our ecclesias.  We allow her to teach.  She teaches us to eat food sacrificed to idols and to commit sexual immorality.  Some of us are sick and some of us die because of this.
  • We are asleep and not watching for his coming.  This is a right living attitude that results in overcoming.  And becoming virgins who have their lamps with oil that has been lit.
  • We are lukewarm, rich in material possessions, but spiritually wretched, pitiful, poor, blind and naked.
  • We have not traded for gold refined in the fire.
  • These are areas in which the enemy is able to accuse us.

Here is a list of today’s Ecclesia’s problem areas stated positively:

  • Unity – We are one united universal body with no division. We don’t leave when discrepancies arise or call out people’s issues as we see them. We don’t follow a couple of people. We listen to what many others have to say.
  • Honor – Every member of the body is fully honored.  We honor others by listening to them.
  • Living Sacrifice – We are a complete living sacrifice. We are very hot for God’s agendas. We give up our view of what the Ecclesia looks like.
  • Givers – We give to support those who sacrifice to give to us.  We give time,  money and honor to the Ecclesia.
  • Workers – We take responsibility to work in our Father’s house and in the harvest.
  • Faith-journey – We are on a faith-journey to the City of God.  We will not stop until we get there and become fully one with the Godhead.
  • Lovers – We love God as our FIRST LOVE ABOVE ALL ELSE.  We love our neighbor as ourselves.  We love our brothers as Yeshua loved us.
  • Overcomers – We have overcome and so moved from being children to young men.
  • Fathers – We have become fathers who father sons.  We are fathers who are sacrificially under our families facilitating all up into sonship and fathering.
  • Family –  We have become one family made up of many families.
  •  House / Houses – We are one house made up of many father’s houses.
  • Encounter – We seek living encounter with the Living God to receive living revelation.
  • Testimony – We replace  our statement of faith with a testimony.  Our testimony is of a living encounter with the Living God.
  • Life and Immortality – We have overcome all of our enemies including death.
  • Headship – We have oneness with Yeshua in His restored headship.
  • Restoration – We are functioning in our restored headship.  We are restoring all things.
  • Oneness –  We have become one with Father, Yeshua and Holy Spirit.  We have become one in our body, soul and spirit which are now restored and functioning from original design from right relationship with one another.
  • Holiness – We have journeyed on the Highway of Holiness which is the Way.  We have come out of Babylon.
  • Judgment – We judge as Father judges.