The Order and Age of Melchizedek

by Ella Harrison


Christ is the bread of Life (John 6:35), the living bread that came down from heaven, and anyone who eats of Him will live forever (John 6:51).

Since the Son became the Lamb (bread) foundation of everything created, man included, is made in a Christ-centric way. His image is deposited in us as an encoding sequence of life, which is the true Chief Cornerstone (Isaiah 28:16) laid within our DNA.

The order of Melchizedek, which unites heaven with earth by ministering in the kingly and priestly anointing, is the one entrusted by God to bring wholeness to Man.
Its ministry which is according to the four faces of God, directly interacts with man’s double helix DNA structure with the purpose to restore within its dimensions the Christ-centric knowledge of God’s Glory. This happens by using the same principle of Christ as the ‘Chief cornerstone’ which is a double binary code that awakens the immortal characteristics of man’s DNA, those we commonly identify as the primary 12 strands, or 12 tribes.

The heavenly table of Melchizedek is the dimension of the mystery of Communion and participation of the same dynamics of the 4 faces of God that are present in the nature of the Body and blood of Christ. We draw into their testimony of fullness of Life to tune and prepare our DNA according to the wisdom of the Heaven-and-Earth economy designed by God.

When we first are invited to seat at the table it is in order to receive the ministry of Melchizedek, until the testimony of the Chief Cornerstone is fully awakened in us. This transforms us into kings and priests and we then acquire the same ability to break the bread according to the Melchizedek order, which is the full enabling of its ministry in us.

The breaking of the bread, is part of kingly service, that happen at the Table of Kings or Table of Melchizedek, and is the division of the Bread of Life (WORD/revelation) in a cross like manner.

The first sequence of breaking of the bread represents the vertical beam of the cross and parts the whole into two equal halves according to the double nature of Christ: the Son of God and the Son of Man, which is one part seed of heaven (Holy Spirit – Luke 1:35) and one part seed of earth (Woman – Gen 3:15; Rev 12:17).

The second sequence, corresponds to the horizontal beam of the cross, and breaks the initial halves in to two more equal pieces, according to the reality of Spirit and Body or the system of government of Heaven and Earth. We then have the four faces of God representing the nature and government of God indivisibly paired with man’s nature and government through the yoking with Christ.

This same marriage of the two natures produces the blood (new wine) and new bloodline (new wine-skin) of the sons of God in the image of the Son.