The Importance of Meeting according to Mountains or Scrolls versus the Weekly Church Gathering

By Jane Johnson
I am observing many people doing very different ways of doing the ecclesia. This is probably one of the more important pages to grasp. All our pages are free but it would be great if you could share them in return trading on positive floors .

We see we are on a journey of moving from lord to king discerning our mountains and operating as a government out of the four faces in benches (not casual encounters).

I have a watchman gift and mandate to remove the stumbling blocks and this is what I have been shown are different traps we can fall into:-

We learn about heaven for years – this is eating  off the tree of knowledge.

We join prayer groups to be a warrior – we can still be a warrior but seeing and mandating the positive blueprint as we are above the enemy in heaven.

We still engage church but learn a bit of heaven – we are seeing we need a new wineskin.

We do encounters but don’t want to build relationship of accountability or have a victim mindset that we are not loved.

We do conferences or look for local gatherings for content rather than seeking heaven for a blueprint and willing to bring something to the body
——–we have governmental authority when looking at the four faces of god in benches. We operate out of all four faces not singularity of gifts

We learn in our own time engaging 24/ 7 not relying on encounters to learn.

we don’t take responsibility for our scrolls rather than seeking those who have a similar scroll to work with and morphing the group according to what spiritual age they belong too.


Bill Brady – reaching our full destiny- the world needs you not to settle for less to alleviate its suffering – “we are told we will do more than Jesus ”