The Importance of Looking to the Jerusalem Above As Our Destiny

The Importance of Looking to the Jerusalem Above As Our Destiny

(Last updated 1/12/18)

This revelation is very fresh.  Submitted to the body for dialog and further clarity.  Those things that have been revealed belong to us all.  We all can receive further revelation to  further “connect the dots”.

by Bill Brady

The mystery of Jerusalem is part of the great mystery of the Ecclesia.

What is the mystery of Jerusalem?

  • Jerusalem is called the Holy City.
  • How do Old Jerusalem in Old Earth, Mount Zion, City of Salem, New Jerusalem, City of Zion and the City Everlasting relate to one another?

Part of the answer is that there is a progression up through the ages.

  • Old Jerusalem was the only version of Jerusalem before the heavenly cities.
  • We do see three aspects of it in the three names:  Jerusalem, Mount Zion and Zion.
  • Salem is the heavenly city before New Jerusalem.
  • New Jerusalem is in the Now.
  • City of Zion is in the Age of Zion.

How can we picture this?

  • Picture a string of pearls.
  • Each pearl is a heavenly city.
  • There is a long distance of string between the pearls.
  • Now take the string of pearls and hold it between your forefinger and your thumb.
  • You are either holding a pearl or you are holding the string between pearls.
  • Where you have chosen to hold the string of pearls is where the Ecclesia is now.
  • Individuals are out exploring past this place.

Paulspoke of the Jerusalem which is above.

  • He said that the Jerusalem that is above is our Mother.
  • “…the Jerusalem above is free,                                                                                                   which is the mother of us all.                                                                                                                                            For it is written:                                                                                                                          “Rejoice, O barren,                                                                                                                        Youwho do not bear!                                                                                                                   Break forth and shout,
    You who are not in labor!
    For the desolate has many more children
    Than she who has a husband.”    
  • “The Jerusalem that is above” is our Mother becasue she gave birth to us.
  • Exactly how this applies to the four heavenly cities is hidden.

I remember the birth of the True Wineskin during an ascension.

  • We travailed in birth until she was born.
  • Then we looked up and saw New Jerusalem.
  • Now we know that New Jerusalem had just given birth to the True Wineskin.
  • On the next ascension we entered New Jerusalem.

The currently pregnant heavenly city gives birth to the next form of the Ecclesia.

  • That heavenly city gives birth to a wineskin.
  • Then that heavenly city lands.
  • First it lands in the New Heavens.
  • Then it lands in the New Earth.
  • Then it lands in the Old Earth.

Zion is said in scripture to give birth in a day.

  • “Who has heard such a thing?
    Who has seen such things?
    Shall the earth be made to give birth in one day?
    Or shall a nation be born at once?
    For as soon as Zion was in labor,
    She gave birth to her children.
  • The time between conception and birth was very short.
  • The City of Zion will land soon.
  • The City Everlasting gave birth to the Everlasting Wineskin on 1/8/18.
  • She will land soon.

Abraham was looking for a City.  

  • Every believer since Abraham has been looking for a City.
  • Whether they knew it or not.

Every believer has at least a small desire to find the Holy City.

  • The Ecclesia of any time in history has been looking for the Heavenly City.
  • The entire Ecclesia of our time is now looking for the City Everlasting.
  • Some who are now Manifest Sons participated in that birth.

City Everlasting  gave birth to the Everlasting Wineskin. 

  • The Everlasting Wineskin is the current Wineskin.
  • The flow from City Everlasting contains Everlasting Love etc.
  • This new Wineskin is a new form of the Ecclesia.

Here is some of what that wineskin is doing. 

  • The One Corporate Manifest Son is raising the Ecclesia up into Manifest Sonship.
  • He is bringing all of creation back under the headship of Jesus.
  • He has begun to be fruitful, multiply, fill New Earth and subdue it.

This is the adventure of our lifetime and of the entire history of man!

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