The Importance of Heavenly Cities

The Importance of Heavenly Cities

Bill Brady   Updated 11/30/2018

The pattern of the name / function of heavenly cities is revealed in New Jerusalem. 

  • Starting with her name.
  • She is a new beginning of the holy city of Jerusalem.  
  • She prepares us as a bride for our husband.

Here are some other things that she is:

  • She is a door.
  • She is a foundation.

New Jerusalem (NJ) is a door.

  • She is a door into union with Jesus as King into 12 aspects of His Kingship.
  • She is a door to the heavenly cities who come afterwards.

New Jerusalem is a foundation.

  • The Ecclesia is built up into 12 aspects of Jesus’ Kingship.
  • These 12 aspects are a Foundation.

Here are some other things that have been revealed about NJ: 

  • She brings us into union with Jesus and one another.
  • She becomes our dwelling place.
  • She is The Way.

She brings us into union with Jesus and one another.

  • We enter NJ as kings.
  • We remain kings.
  • We enter into the beginnings of sonship.
  • We begin a Journey to become a bride.
  • A bride prepared for union with her husband.
  • We will become one with Jesus in the union of marriage.
  • This will be in fulfillment of Jesus’ prayer in John 17.

She became our dwelling place.

  • Jesus said, “In My Father’s house are many dwelling places.”
  • NJ is the Father’s House.
  • Jesus has a room in NJ.
  • So do we.
  • NJ becomes our permanent dwelling place.

NJ calls to the Ecclesia to enter her. 

  • The Spirit and the Bride says, “Come!”
  • We hear the call of the Spirit and the Bride and enter NJ.
  • Once we have become the Bride we join that call.
  • And call others to come to NJ to enter in.

In entering NJ we enter into the Kingdom.

  • In Zion we enter into inheriting the kingdom.
  • In Everlasting we enter into possessing the kingdom.

NJ reveals to us the importance of heavenly cities.

  • The pattern of name / function that we saw in NJ is repeated in the other cities.
  • Each is a door to the next city.
  • Each is built on the foundation of NJ.
  • City of Zion is built on NJ.
  • And Everlasting on Zion.

Each brings us into union with Jesus in one of His names.

  • Each becomes our dwelling place.
  • NJ is the Way and the Gate through which we enter.
  • We enter NJ as Kings.
  • Zion is the Truth.
  • In entering Zion we enter into truth.
  • We become Truth,
  • We will walk about as Sons in Zion.
  • We become able to say, “I am the truth.”
  • Once we become a father we become able to impart truth.

City Everlasting is the City of the Everlasting attributes.

  • We become one with Jesus as Everlasting Father.
  • We become an everlasting father.
  • This is our entrance into fathering.
  • We become able to say, “I am an everlasting father.”
  • We become one with Jesus as Everlasting Life.
  • We become able to say, “I am everlasting life.”
  • We become able to impart everlasting life and everlasting fathering.
  • We become full of everlasting:  everlasting life, fathering, love etc.

The purpose of these 3 cities is to unite the Ecclesia with Jesus.

  • As the Way, the Truth and the Life.