The Father and Son Relationship

The Father and Son Relationship

Bill Brady   7/21/18

As fathers and sons we become mutually accountable to one another. 

  • We give each other permission to correct one another when needed.
  • This is because we are all adults.
  • And while we have a father and son relationship.
  • Our relationship is first of all a relationship between two believing adults.

Paul gave good advice to Timothy about how to correct and adult believer.

“Do not rebuke an older man, but exhort him as a father, younger men as brothers, older women as mothers, younger women as sisters, with all purity.”

  • Do not rebuke of an older believer.
  • Exhortation not rebuke.
  • Exhortation is probably the best choice in all cases.

Correction, rebuke and exhortation is best done in private.

  • When given by a father to a son.
  • Or a son to a father.
  • Followed by a request for forgiveness if needed. 

It can be difficult for a son to correct a father.

  • If either the father or the son see the son’s position as under the father.

It can be difficult for a father to correct a son. 

  • If the son has not given the father permission to correct them.
  • In this case that son should not yet be functioning publicly as a father.
  • One of the first requirements for leadership is that one be teachable. 

The father is in a place of greater honor than the son.  But…

  • The father voluntarily gives up that place to serve the son as a father.
  • The father puts himself under the son to serve the son out of love.
  • The son responds by loving and honoring the father.
  • Bringing them into a relationship of mutual honor and love.
  • And the father back to a place of greater honor.

All honor is given voluntarily.

  • None is demanded or required.
  • None of us lords it over another.
  • Each of us serves one another from love.