The Creation Story/Estates Clarified

Jane Johnson . This is our understanding from relationship and encounter not bible study . We invite input from the body if you have encountered a different understanding


1st ESTATE – eternity where we existed before we were created in our mothers womb as a god imaged being (purely spirit).

2nd ESTATE – God breathed into Adam in a perfect world where He walked with Him in the garden and Adam had his spirit on the OUTSIDE and a body on the inside. God was so evident. WE WERE LIVING BEINGS. Made from gold dust( this is clearly specified in gen 2:7)

3rd ESTATE – Adam ate from the tree of knowledge of good and evil and so was cast out of the garden of Eden and his spirit became on the inside and HIS BODY ON THE OUTSIDE. Adam began to trade into the enemy’s lies, believing his sin kept him separated from Father & that he would have to earn His way back. He became a HUMAN BEING. This is why anytime we choose knowledge over relationship we trade on the wrong floor. I do believe Our body became congealed light which represents blood .

4th ESTATE – our body is restored back to be on the inside so we can transfigure at will, translocate, operate along the time line as we work in four dimensions of his love (depth height breadth and width as in Corinthians).

5th ESTATE – new heaven and earth exists where we become the resting place for the corporate new Jerusalem to descend on to and governing and ruling .