The Countdown From 10 to Oneness As One Manifest Son

The Countdown From 10 to Oneness As One Manifest Son

By Bill Brady

Last night’s Dec 2017 New Heaven New Earth Lovers ascension revealed where we, as the Ecclesia, are right now. 

  • The bench of 12 had to come into unity before it was launched as a spaceship.
  • The unity came into being when we as a bench counted down from 10 to one.
  • We came into unity as we counted down together.
  • When we reached the count of one the oneness came into being.
  • It was a countdown from 10 to oneness.
  • Then we were launched.


Three stages:

  • The Ecclesia has been in a time of being gathered into oneness of unity in Christ.  We have now become one.
  • The Ecclesia has been launched into a time of preparing for ruling as one manifest son.
  • The Ecclesia will then begin to rule as one manifest son gathering all of creation into one.

The fullness of the gospel includes Christ raised, resurrected and ruling.

  • We are one united Ecclesia co-crucified, co-resurrected and co-ruling.
  • We are one united manifest son coming into the fullness of co-ruling.

What does this mean for each of you? 

  • There is a blueprint.
  • The Master Builder is building according to this blueprint.
  • He is gathering His Ecclesia individually into oneness with Himself.
  • He is gathering us into a oneness with one another.
  • He is asking that each of us that we stop resisting and allow Him to do this.
  • He is gently drawing us with cords of love.

Decide to yield to His drawing.

  • Let Him draw you into this oneness.
  • Join the corporate countdown to oneness.
  • You will then be launched with the united Ecclesia.