The Body, the Crown and the Head

The Body, the Crown and the Head:  The Names and Numbers of Becoming 

Bill Brady  10/28/18

The Upward Journey is an upward journey from throne to throne.

  • 12 of thrones of The Body
  • 7 thrones of The Crown
  • 3 thrones of The Head

For a total of 22 thrones.  

  • There are 22 Living Hebrew Letters.

The Body is made up of 4 persons.

  • Holy Spirit
  • Jesus
  • Father
  • Man

Each person has 3 strands of DNA.

  • 3 strands of Holy Spirit’s DNA:  Righteousness, Peace and Joy.
  • 3 strands of Jesus’ DNA:  The Way, The Truth and the Life.
  • 3 strands of Father’s DNA:  Judgment, Justice and Holiness.
  • 3 strands of man’s DNA:  Body, Soul and Spirit.

We experience a coronation for each of the 4 persons.

  • Coronation in Holy Spirit is Holy Spirit Echad and is Rest.
  • Coronation in Jesus is Jesus Echad and is Light.
  • Coronation in Father is Father Echad and is Government.
  • Coronation in Man is Man Echad and is The Crown.

In addition we are coronated for The Crown and The Head.

  • Coronation in The Crown is Soul Echad and is in  Humility.
  • Coronation in The Head is Spirit Echad and is YHVH Echad.
  • For a total of 6 coronations.
  • And one anointing.

This overall experience is many things.

  • It is a journey.
  • It is a building of the House of God.
  • It is becoming a Kingdom of kings and priests.

It is a preparation.

  • Of One Body
  • Of One Crown.
  • Of One Head.

It is a growth.

  • Up into the full stature and maturity of Christ.
  • Both personally and corporately.
  • In Echad with Jesus in His Kingship and Sonship.
  • One Son of God who has been anointed as One Christ (King).

This is part of the restoration of the Ecclesia.

  • Restored in preparation to restore all things.
  • And bring all things under the headship of Christ.