We are the Descending Governing New Jerusalem temple. We as that temple are the Lamb’s wife.


by Bill Brady

Updated 5/7/18

  • This revelation changes our understanding of the Ecclesia.
  • Jesus died for His Bride which is the Ecclesia.
  • We were never meant to be alone:  “It is not good that man should be alone.”
  • This is why God created Eve.  So that neither Adam or Eve would be alone.
  • This is why Jesus has a wife .
  • We are designed to function as a part of the whole.
  • Jesus’ Bride is the New Jerusalem.

There is a blueprint for all of creation.

  • This is the scroll of the book that Jesus referred to in Psalm 40:6-8,
  • “Sacrifice and offering You did not desire;
    My ears You have opened.
    Burnt offering and sin offering You did not require.
    Then I said, “Behold, I come;
    In the scroll of the book it is written of me.
    I delight to do Your will, O my God.”

  • Everyone born into the earth has a destiny scroll that is part of the overall blueprint for creation.

Jesus has his own destiny scroll.

  • A destiny scroll is a personal blueprint.
  • Growing up as a young man.
  • A carpenter until He was thirty years old.
  • A traveling rabbi until His death.
  • Sitting on the throne with His Father until all of Creation is gathered back into oneness with Him.

The Universal Ecclesia has a blueprint to corporately become Jesus’ Bride.

  • We corporately are the Bride.
  • We corporately develop into fully functioning sonship.

We each have our own destiny scroll.

  • Developing into fully functioning Sonship.
  • Entering into fully functioning sonship sitting on the throne with Jesus.

Apostolic Resource Centers have a blueprint to build the Ecclesia into sonship. 

  • Worldwide there are many Apostolic Resource Centers (ARCs).
  • Ecclesia Framework (now calling our self One United Body) is one of them.
  • Each ARC will build according to the Blueprint for the Ecclesia.
  • Each ARC has a Blueprint of its own.
  • Each ARC will bring its members into full sonship according its blueprint.

The analogy that I see is that of the Tribes of Israel.

  • Each tribe is part of Israel.
  • But each tribe also has its own unique destiny for a unique function within Israel.
  • It’s the same with ARCs.

I would suggest that each of us is destined to be connected to ARCs.

  • To facilitate our growth up into full 12-fold headship.
  • This connection may or may not be permanent.
  • But for now it is a necessary connection to facilitate us into maturity.

I see that the time will come when all ARCs will have completed their blueprints.

  • This time will come when Jesus’ corporate Bride / Wife is fully prepared for Him.
  • At that time the work of all ARCs will be finished.
  • Take a moment and behold us as this finished work.
  • You are seeing the reason for ARCs.

I see that all connect to ARCs in order to be prepared.

  • Some will connect to take their destined place in the preparation of others.
  • Once prepared others may father their own families.
  • ARCs function in the Age of Zion as the five-fold ministry did in the Kingdom Age.

Your destiny includes connections to others to form benches also.

  • Your connection to others on benches is part of your destiny.
  • None of us is meant to rule alone.
  • We govern together on benches.
  • I would suggest that apart from connecting to our destined benches we will not develop into fully manifesting sonship.
  • Much of that development occurs as we journey together as part of benches.

Our destiny scrolls are interconnected at the highest level.

  • We were never meant to walk alone with God.
  • Our destiny scrolls are interconnected at the highest level.
  • They are interconnected at the level of our oneness with Jesus.
  • Apart from our connection with one another we will not develop into a fully functioning Manifest Son.
  • Apart from this we will not build according to our scrolls.
  • Apart from this the Universal Ecclesia will not reach the tipping point that will accelerate her into becoming a corporate fully functioning Manifest Son.

Our connection to ARCs or benches is a connection to an ecclesia.

  • I see an Ecclesia as a group of believers working together to build according to a specific blueprint.
  • An ecclesia is a family.

Our connection to any ecclesia is a connection to individuals in that ecclesia. 

  • We experience connection to an ecclesia as a connection to people.
  • Those connections occur one by one.
  • We all know when we have been connected.
  • We also know when we have become one and are an ecclesia.

Don’t resist becoming one with one another.  Choose to connect.

  • Unwillingness to commit to our destined connections holds us back from fulfilling our destinies.  Decide to be willing.
  • A sense of unworthiness holds us back.  Jesus has made us worthy.
  • Inability to work with less than perfect people holds us back.  We are able if we are willing.  Chose to see people as perfect in Jesus.
  • Not seeing the need to find our destined connections holds us back.  Your eyes have been opened to see that need by reading this page.
  • You will see your destined connections to others as a part of ARCs and on benches.
  • Take the step to honor others in the Ecclesia by connecting.
  • Through honor unity is easy.

Our personal destiny is intertwined with our corporate destiny.

  • Our personal destiny scroll includes connection to others in an ARC.
  • And on benches.
  • It is impossible to separate our personal destiny from our corporate destiny.
  • Oneness with Jesus includes oneness with His Ecclesia.
  • This is because we are not individually the Bride of Christ.
  • We corporately are the Bride of Christ.
  • Jesus only has one Bride.