The Basic Zoom Skills Needed to Facilitate a Zoom Ascension

Written by Bill Brady

The Basic Zoom Skills Needed to Facilitate a Zoom Ascension. You will need two sets of skills to be ready to facilitate a Zoom ascension. First, you will need basic skills to run a Zoom meeting. Second, you will need basic skills for facilitating an ascension. None of these skills are difficult to learn. It will take you a few hours of preparation and practice. Then you will be ready to facilitate your first Zoom ascension.

This page will address the basic skills needed to run a Zoom meeting. If you currently have a Zoom application on your smart phone, or Zoom on your laptop or PC, then you can see all the Zoom controls needed for a two person Zoom ascension. You can’t see the controls needed for an ascension of three or more people until you have three or more people on a Zoom ascension or meeting. So how are you to practice in preparation for leading a Zoom ascension of three or more people?

Navigate to the Zoom website at to learn about Zoom pricing. Basic Zoom is free. On Basic Zoom, you can host meetings of up to 50 people for a meeting of up to 40 minutes. You can host meeting with two people with no time limit. Pro Zoom costs $14.99 per month and allows you to run a Zoom meeting of up to 50 participants for an unlimited meeting time. Pro Zoom is what you will need to facilitate an hour and a half ascension with three or more participants.

Next, watch a few tutorial videos and read some instructions. Video Tutorials on Zoom meeting controls can be found at Look up Zoom Video Tutorials. The place to start is with the Meeting Controls tutorial. On this brief tutorial you can see the Zoom controls that you would see if you were running a meeting of three of more people. Below the Video are Instructions that explain the function of each of the controls including how to change who is the host of the meeting. Watch the Meeting Controls tutorial and read the instructions.

Other tutorials at the same location will show you how to schedule a meeting with Zoom, Google Calendar or Outlook Calendar. Other helpful training videos for audio, video, screen sharing and recording are located at

Once you have watched the tutorials and read the instructions, then get together with two others to practice using Zoom to run a meeting. Whoever is hosting can see the Zoom controls for running the meeting. Simply practice and take turns hosting. Once each of you are comfortable with Zoom controls, then you are now ready to learn the basic skills needed to facilitate an ascension. If you have been on a Zoom ascension before as a participant, then you have already observed a facilitator using the skills needed to facilitate a Zoom ascension. It won’t take you long to learn those skills yourself. Those skills will be addressed on a separate page.