The 5 Wineskins and Their Differences

The 5 Wineskins

Bill Brady  11/11/18

Jesus spoke of  “New Wineskins”.

  • This family has had a part in the birth of several Wineskins.
  • Beginning with the True Wineskin.
  • There are likely Wineskins before the True Wineskin.
  • 3 Additional Wineskins have been born since then.
  • Jane Johnson has revelation of a 5th Wineskin.
  • It is about to be born.
  • It is called the Free Wineskin.

Jesus is the Bread and the Wine.

  • Over time Jesus has revealed more and more of Himself.
  • We receive each revelation.
  • Jesus is the Wine.
  • Receiving revelation is drinking Jesus as Wine.

We drink Jesus as Wine and become a Wineskin.

  • We now contain the Wine.
  • The Ecclesia takes on a form reflecting the wine.
  • That new container is a Wineskin.
  • Each Wineskin has a name.
  • Each name is a form and a function.

A list of the Five Wineskins for you to encounter:

  1. The New Wineskin
  2. The True Wineskin
  3. The Living Sacrifice Wineskin
  4. The Everlasting Wineskin
  5. The Free Wineskin
  • Five is the number of divine government.