Testimonies of the New Wineskin 

Please send us any testimonies to build up our faith in heavenly realms. What fruit are you experiencing ? THE MAIN PART OF ANY ECCLESIA GATHERING IS BRINGING A WORD SONG OR TESTIMONY THAT HELPS BUILD FAITH (this is a clear principle in scripture). So the ecclesia comes to give not take and all take a part.
Re testimonies any simple things for website like since accessing heavenly realms I am more passionate about following god or taking up responsibility or have become more tolerant.

Asked wisdom and got different levels of testimony that operate at different levels.
If we can move to higher level this will help body more as we all are seeking to operate out of prophetic and apostolic face of God ( in the past we left it up to those who said they had prophetic gifts).

Levels of testimony 

Level 1

Encounter, e.g., I met Moses or saw The father in gods garden.

Level 2

I learnt from Moses about setting captives free in relation to my scroll (personal application).

Level 3

I see a blueprint in heaven that god wants to set captives free in the area of people trapped in old wineskins.

I have a testimony of the fruit of being in Heaven. About 18 months ago a friend of my daughter was murdered by her ex husband. I had known the 2 since they were kids and they would come to my house. Justin strangled Jess and poured lime and baking soda on her body. I went into a deep depression and I had no energy physically and emotionally drained. One day Jesus met me in the garden of my heart, He had these, I’m CA them cookies, but that really isn’t what they were. They were gold in color, flat and looked like lace. There was a plate of 9. He kept encouraging me to eat saying that I would be strengthened, I ate 3, they were very sweet, had a slight taste of honey and melted in my mouth. I definitely felt stronger.

A week later He met me again in my garden with another plate of the same kind of cookies /waffers, this time I ate them all! The depression left, I was physically stronger and I was given an understanding that I did not have before regarding the spiritual covering we have over our children. That very well could have been my daughter.

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