Practical Steps to Take Back Dominion over the Earth 

By Jane Johnson – Founder of Ecclesia Framework

dominion_earthWe are created to have dominion (gen 1).

Here are some practical ways of doing this spiritually:-

Realise you were created to be a king over the earth. Not a slave, friend, orphan or servant but having all the rights of royalty of a son.

Move towards becoming a manifest son as all creation is groaning for you to be manifest (Areas for new people page shows a possible pathway).

Build a nest in the tree of life for a city or area so they are safe (i.e. Deal with Giants and dragons, create benches over scrolls, legislate in heaven, discern and release heavenly blueprints onto the earth, and multiply your life by imparting what you have to other faithful men).

You are a light being so can vibrate or brood over an area, so shining the blue light of government over your mandate.

Intimacy with the father is a priority so we are not getting our security from dominion but balancing this is important with responsibility of acting out our kingly authority.

Entangle with the seven spirits and work through engaging them individually for a period (See 7 Spirits page).

Stretch or expand your spirit over the area, person, situation or room.

Move from prophet to oracle (oracle speaks directly from heaven, prophet has elements of their own words in it).

Move from apostle showing the vision to legislator in the courts releasing heaven where the real difference is made.

Mandate angels particularly higher spheres of angels.

Come into agreement with the men in white linen aligned to your scroll who have a similar scroll.

Build a court case then present it and take it to the court of chancellors for authorisation and court of scribes to have it placed in legislation and then go to the court of war for strategy. Can place papers in your belly and then plant in your garden.

Take your divorce papers to the storeroom of Melchizidek and  your treasury room for storage so you can draw on them later and re- enforce verdicts.

Use your spiritual weaponsmantle, swords, orb, sceptre, crowns as authority in dealing with principalities.

Restore crowns that have been  taken from you. Walk in the reality of your crowns.