Take Time to Rule!

Take Time to Rule!

By Bill Brady

Take time to rule on all of your thrones. 

  • Sit down on the throne.
  • Engage it to find how to function in ruling from this throne.
  • To find the limits of your authority.
  • And the sphere of that authority.

Don’t just do this by definition learned by someone else’s testimony.

  •  Do you eat by learning?
  • No.
  • If you did you would starve.
  • You eat by eating.
  • To rule only by learning is to suffer lack needlessly.
  • You rule by ruling.
  • Ruling is an experience.
  • Learn to rule by experience.
  • In oneness with Jesus as lord, king son and father (head).
  • And by flow of Holy Spirit.

Encounter ruling from every one of your thrones.

  • Take the express train to your highest destiny.
  • Also take the local train and stop at every throne and rule from each.

It’s about balance.

You need the express train or you’ll stop short of your fullest destiny.

  • And of your highest forms of ruling.
  • Where you can bring Jesus’ Kingly rule to billions in one quick act of ruling.

You need the local train or you’ll never fully learn how to rule.

  • Encounter ruling from each of your thrones.
  • You were given every crown and throne so that you would rule on each throne.
  • It’s not just a collection of crowns.
  • Or a list of thrones.
  • It’s a life of continual experience of ruling.

Which train you are on at any given moment is by mandate. 

  • It’s by destiny.
  • And His choice.

Rule from each of your lord thrones over every area of your life.

  • Daily.
  • Legislate.
  • Rule over those things that you have legislated.
  • Rule here daily, but look up higher.
  • Love more than just yourself and those that are yours.
  • Put others before yourself and rule from your king thrones.

Rule from each king throne on every king mountain.

  • By encounter.
  • Don’t just check them off the list.
  • Take time to rule.
  • But don’t stop here.

Don’t stop to try to fix everything now.

  • That would take you forever.
  • And you would miss your highest destiny.
  • Further up the mountain is a higher throne.
  • Where you will reign with greater authority.
  • Go further up the mountain.

Rule from the throne on top of Mount Zion. 

  • Ruling from your lord mountains is lordly rule.
  • Ruling from you king mountains was kingly rule.
  • Ruling from this throne is kingdom rule.
  • Rule here by living encounter.
  • Take time to rule.
  • But don’t stop here.
  • New Jerusalem (NJ) is calling you to enter in.
  • And to another throne.

Enter into NJ.

  • Become one with Jesus and the Ecclesia.
  • Become one with Jesus at the Truth.
  • Rule by becoming NJ descending.
  • Don’t stop here.
  • Go up higher.

Enter into Zion. 

  • The city.
  • Not the mountain.
  • Become one with Jesus as the Life.
  • Rule on the bench of 3 with Father, Jesus and Holy Spirit.
  • Rule with Jesus descending.
  • Rule on the bench of One here in eternity

Continue to go up higher.

  • There are 12 heavenly cities.
  • Each is an aspect of Jesus’ Kingly rule.
  • Each will bring you into higher levels of authority.
  • On another throne.
  • Where you can effect more and more lives.
  • And move more and more into the Big Picture of your Highest Destiny.
  • Take time to encounter each throne and to actually rule from there.
  • You will move from throne to throne as you receive mandates to rule.
  • On a daily moment to moment basis.
  • When you get a desire or mandate to rule, then rule.
  • It only takes a few moments.
  • You can do this by a very brief pause in the midst of daily life.

Take the express train.

  • If you don’t then you miss coming into understanding of the big picture.
  • And coming into your highest destiny.
  • And ruling at higher levels.
  • Where you can change millions and billions of lives for the better.

Take the local train.

  • Learn to rule on every throne.
  • By encounter.
  • This is your on-the-job training in ruling.
  • You need this so that you can grow up to be like Jesus in His ruling.
  • And rule from understanding of the Big Picture.

You need to take both trains to grow fully into your destiny.

  • It’s about balance.
  • More importantly, it’s about mandate.
  • A daily, moment by moment receiving of mandates.
  • And living them out by flowing with Holy Spirit.
  • Living in an experience of union with Father, Jesus and Holy Spirit.

Your experience of ruling will ultimately include…

  • The ability to rule effectively from each of your thrones.
  • When called upon by mandate to do so.
  • You will be like a carpenter with every needed tool in his tool box.
  • You will be a king able to rule in any way in any situation.

You will be like Jesus.

  • Able to co-rule with Him on a moment’s notice.
  • Whenever you receive His mandate to do so.
  • This is why you took the express train.
  • And the local.