Summary of the Weaknesses of the 12 Tribes of Israel 

We credit Dr O’s first book for this revelation. This attempts to make it easier to understand.

This is a summary done by Eric Rachel and is not copied directly from the book
Ecclessia Framework.

Weaknesses of the 12 Tribes of Israel

1st Triad consist of: Reuben, Simeon, and Levi

2nd Triad consists of: Judah, Zebulun, Issachar

3rd Triad consist of: Dan, Gad, Asher

4th Triad: Naphtali, Joseph, Benjamin

1st Triad consist of: Reuben, Simeon, and Levi Weaknesses

Reuben Weaknesses:

1.) Lust

a. Deal with Lust- sexual desire

b. Lust is not just sexual desire. Lust is passion and desire

2.) Deal with instability

3.) Not respecting boundaries

4.) Instability- Unstable as water

5.) Deal with Hubris (pride, arrogance)

a. Selfish/self-centered

6.) Immaturity

7.) Lies that we tell ourselves

8.) Sleep

9.) Feelings

10.) Flesh

11.) Rejection

12.) Bitter Waters

13.) Water spirits

14.) Shame

a. Unable to look at self

15.) Your personal “likes” are your gods

Simeon Weaknesses:

1.) Emotions

2.) Vengeance

3.) Judgment and severity

4.) Wants to be heard no matter what

5.) Trying to fix everything

6.) Spirit of offense

7.) Anger And bitterness = unforgiveness

8.) Bitterness, gall

Levi Weaknesses:

1.) Easily joins to people

2.) Lack of understanding about spiritual realm

3.) Anger And bitterness= unforgiveness

4.) Witchcraft(control, manipulation)

a. Trying to force the 4 faces of God in an ungodly way

5.) Rituals


End of 1st Triad Weaknesses

1.) Deal with Elemental spirits? (these are the opposite faces of God; they work by instinct).

A.) Cow/ox- fallen nature

a. Reacts don’t think

b. Refuses to fly

c. Focus on basic needs

B.) Lion – (not the Lion of Judah)

a. Focus on basic needs

b. Won’t fly

c.) Eagle- Ego.

d.) Son of man, not THE SON OF MAN

a. Asking yourself why you feel this way?

b. Work on thoughts, feelings, and emotions

E.) People issues and being materialistic


Judah Weaknesses:

1.) Not dealing with Wealth properly

2.) Seeing Poverty as holy

3.) Not understanding your Sovereignty

4.) Blinded by gifting

5.) Praise of men overtakes you/desires God worship

6.) Dragon of Pride and Worship

7.) Not watching your heart and tongue

8.) Not crucifying the Flesh (Animal flesh, bird flesh, reptilian flesh)

9.) Stop thinking that all some fallen beings can look like heavenly beings

10.) Not dealing with sexual center (creative center)

11.) Blinded by personal desire

12.) “I self-justified”

13.) “I must obey mentality”

14.) Hubris-pride

15.) Animal flesh

16.) Bird flesh

17.) Reptilian flesh

Zebulun Weaknesses:

1.) Deal with Zidon(Sidon)- Jezebel came from here. She was the daughter of Ethbaal, King of Sidon

2.) Power goes to your head

3.) Not obeying your boundaries

4.) Operating in feelings

5.) Vagabond/wandering spirit

6.) Orphan spirit

Issachar Weaknesses:

1.) Lazy

2.) Slave

3.) Believe the lie that you can do kingdom ministry without money

4.) Trading based upon emotions

5.) Kronos time- makes you a prisoner

6.) Trying to change outside then inside

7.) Focus more on strength then weaknesses

References’s powerful cosmic frequency and the difference between 440Hz & 432Hz. 2015.

Dr. Ogbonnaya, Adonijah. Hashamayim 1A, Angels, Heavenly Structures & The Sons of God. Seraph Creative 2015 Venice

Dr. Ogbonnaya, Adonijah.