The importance of Understanding Ages and NOT TAKING CAMP 

Written by Jane Johnson founder of  Ecclesia Framework.

We invite challenges , contributions and ask you seek God for confirmation . It is your responsibility to confirm things in heaven. This understanding may change as this is the nature of living out of revelation not doctrine .

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We are hearing revelation on 9 ages

Enlightenment , church age, kingdom age , ecclesia age , order of Melchizedek , peace, rest , new beginnings , Zion .

We are beginning to see we operate out of the age we believe in so it is important to group with those who are moving in the same age and call others in. Trying to persuade or argue with those who are not hungry for change ,we have found unfruitful .

See we need to grow in understanding and be led through the ages rather than thinking we can function out of the last age , as our spirit man needs to mature by taking responsibility to know heaven well enough that your creation is not destroyed . 


where we get a sense of a higher purpose and a God 


where we have needed a covering or building instead of seeing we are the temple of the Holy Spirit or where 2 or 3 are gathered there is Jesus . 

Kingdom age is more that we all fulfill gods purposes through our jobs / scrolls than just ministry in a church ( called marketplace thinking ).  We move to understanding a large kingdom of heaven exists with many layers of heaven . 

Moving away from just bringing people into church and planting churches but making disciples . ALSO RULING AS KINGS ON OUR MOUNTAINS  away from servants , bond servants or orphans . We understand what a manifest son is . 

Ecclesia age is moving to participating in government . (Like the council ). No more spectators / listeners . We recognise we don’t go to church we are the temple of the Holy Spirit . We are one united body . We operate around scrolls and ages we choose to live out of ,so are outward not just focus on relationship with god and a receiving mentality . We choose responsibility not just intimacy and cleansing . We can all become oracles seeing the heavenly blueprint .  We can still make disciples without going to traditional church . 
Seeing courts maybe in this age 


we become one new man ( uniting Hebrew and Greek  Christian thinking ) and become gradually without genealogy , a spirit being capable of being outside time .  We move beyond spiritual warfare to seeing the positive heavenly blueprint and as light beings we transform the earth and co – create . We do not need to convert to Hebrew traditions as we are creating a new merged order where the Jewish people are to give up their traditions also . 


We dont need to warfare as we learn to rule not fight demons or dragons from a positive sight of the blueprint in heaven and knowledge of who we are and our authority . We live out of our future selves . We can step into our future selves and see more about what we are doing and what character we possess to cope with it .  

THIS IS NOT about letting go responsibility AND ENGAGING INTIMACY . Age of rest is ruling in the midst of chaos . We have such authority that we show up to govern ( less legislating more hearing cases too) . THE FATHER created then rested as he just governed the earth from rest . 

Knowing there were 8 days of creation . Where heaven was created separately from earth so we can begin our part in creating a new heaven and which when formed will lead to a new earth . But we have to create in heaven before we see a new earth . 

 We live out of THE new Jerusalem blueprint( rev 21) where there is no temple and new heaven/ earth is in place with no pain , etc . 

Rev 22 says we still rule . Is this the place where Jesus’  Death on the cross has done everything ?? 

 ( see our pages to see the organic way we see the new wineskin). 

We have discerned in encounters that the city of Zion may be the final place we rule over when there is a new heaven and new earth ( see ps 48- 8 to 12 )

The bible tells us Jesus is in the order of Melchizidek.

Melchizidek is chief chancellor of the treasury room of heaven and King of shalom (peace).

Many see he is the  cherubim  that was opposite lucifer over the arc of the covenant and that is why he knew all the plans of god . ( many see him not in that form). 

We are in a new season releasing the full order of Melchezidek moving away from the prophetic age . 

We were originally SPIRIT BEINGS who became LIVING BEINGS when breath was breathed in us, where our spirit was on the outside and our body on the inside . After the fall we became HUMAN BEINGS where our body  became  on the outside and our spirit on the inside.

We are without geneology from our parents and ancestors DNA when we get rid of our corrupt DNA through embracing the order of melchizidek  – so we can be fully righteous.

We understand the times and seasons . 

Melchizidek releases the Full knowledge of heaven .

We are moving more towards total sufficiency of Christ which brings rest and the full buttery fat richness of the gospel. Leading to a more sacrificial  life style . 

We return back to the beginning so it is not linear – we go back along the timeline of scripture restoring a new generation of heavenly beings.

No limitations of food sleep time.

Total abandonment with no blockage of gateways.

Men in white linen are not fully complete yet in heaven until a new heaven and a new earth are restored so we work together with our family in heaven coming into agreement with scrolls.

We seek to move towards living out of Zion. 


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