Starter Pack for Newbies

Resources and biblical revelation on how we can access heaven before death at will, how to bring greater intimacy with God and greater dominion on the earth restoring “as it is in Heaven.”

BY READING THROUGH A LOT YOU WILL GET THE BIGGER PICTURE AND CAN COME BACK TO AUDIOS . You will see how far you have to go so requires some adjustment and sacrifice. 

TRIGGERING – we are finding we have to let any mindset go and way of operating to do this journey and if triggered not withdraw but stay in dialogue and community . 


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3. BE A COACH  or GET COACHED?1908399_1419344965035063_8337786728115342918_n

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You only have to be one step ahead of someone else or coach them to find the right solution. We emphasise no one is over anyone and must facilitate not push.

Understanding the Big Picture

Topics for New People in Heavenly Realms

Stumbling Blocks Progressing in the Heavenly Realms 

Explanation of Gateways of the Soul/Spirit and Body 

Moving from Lords to Kings

Practical Ideas for Growing in Intimacy

How to Move from the Old WINESKIN to Being the New WINESKIN

Heavenly Blueprint of New Ecclesias


Splitting Soul and Spirit (Crucial to Grasp) 

Culture of Heaven and Values of Ecclesia Framework 

Moving to Living Out of Desire Versus Being Led Every Step 

Court of Accusation and Chancellor Court Protocol

Tour of Ecclesia Framework

Beware Triggering

The Importance of Understanding Ages and NOT TAKING CAMP 

Testimonies of the New Wineskin

Developing Intimacy Through the Soaking Chamber

Tree of Life Group