Written by Jane Johnson

( open to non attacking feedback from those who do encounters )

Stage 1

Father Son and Holy Spirit existed outside of time. As sons we were created and existed in eternity as spirit beings outside of time. We understand we may have chosen to come back on earth to be born.

(From Genesis 6 ) This is why some say there were sons before Adam who had sex with daughters of men and produced Nephilim.

Some say this accounts for the alien factor.

Stage 2 – created angels including lucifer

Lucifer fell and was able to create chaos . This may have led to an age of chaos where when father created the earth and heavens it was dark and void .

Days 2-6 created light darkness plants and animals.

Eden ( not Garden east of Eden ) was created where sons reside.  ( we saw miwl here now ).

Lucifer saw massive blueprint and how God delegated authority and wanted power himself.

He may have had power to distort some animals original intention and look. Many followed him known as fallen angels.


He rebelled and was cast down where he could have no influence in eternity but was allowed to retain some power and therefore appear as a snake.

Stage 4

CREATED beings to reflect his nature to have dominion .

Created lady wisdom in realm of everlasting (prov 8). Handmaidens could be aspects of wisdoms character to help us understand dimensions of wisdom. Same with pillars of wisdom.

It is unclear if 7 spirits are reflections of Holy Spirit or created beings. I sense both .

Some beings chose to live in other planets and experience acceleration and engagement to move anywhere spiritually and materialise anything .

Stage 5 – MAN CREATED AS A LIVING BEING ( first Adam )

Man was created as a living being ( gen 1)

SECOND ADAM ( gen 2)

Formed from the dust and put in the Garden east of Eden where he could walk with God in perfection where Heaven and earth merged.

Seeing the Garden east of Eden then became the one in scripture ( see this on the edge of Heaven )

where there were two trees (tree of life and tree of knowledge of good and evil).

Note in New Jerusalem there is only one tree.

Second Adam was created in gen 2

Stage 6

Second Adam was tempted by lucifer and was removed from the Garden east of Eden where the cherubs and the fiery sword guarded the entrance to the tree of life

Adam chose not to come back as wanted his own government . So was subject to death .

Stage 7

Man subject to death and was no longer immortal since then as not residing in total submission to God. Wrong trading caused consequences of sin even though Jesus dying before creation of the world allowed full access to God through faith.

Stage 8

By choosing to come back under God’s government as Christians (walking in the life not the way doing good deeds we always were back in Eden and didn’t realise it is my understanding. Some may be operating in kingdom of earth and not close to God and so relying on their own understanding of the Bible for their walk.

Stage 8

We can come and choose to live in eternity, new Heaven and new earth permanently again with our bodies and so skip Death. We may disappear and live out of new Heaven . This will be individually spiritually until the tipping point brings massive transformation.

Seeing we still call in people to new earth like we did creating cities in infinity.

Stage 9

New earth revelations from real encounters not others revelations.