Son of God wineskin ( beyond sonship )

By Jane Johnson Founder of One United Body ( Ecclesia Framework) dec 2018

Am just feeling led to draft a page on this and see if this is a wineskin

Son of god wineskin

  • Walking in Headship
  • Beginning to Walk in names of Yeshua but not complete until get to Yeshua stage
  • Enthroned and crowned on all 7 crown thrones
  • Am the bride
  • Likely part of 144k
  • Likely fathering and been through chancellorship
  • Knows different bodies and that they have resurrected body
  • Can say I am light , the way , holiness , justice , peace , joy
  • Understands and operates from metatrons cube
  • Abides in eternity
  • Descends as new Jerusalem and bench of 1
  • Knows how to open everlasting doors
  • Creates cities in infinity and rules with jesus on bench of 2
  • Can create in new earth
  • Knows they are Holy in terms of seperate
  • Full Coronation in all 12 cities
  • Passionate about living from new earth
  • Passionate about one united body
  • Can govern in ancient of days
  • Growing heart for understanding other governance and galactic council
  • May be on council of 70 or court of Fathers
  • Extensive experience on benches and encounters
  • Has had a ceremony to mark son of god and possessing all 12 city thrones which was in sonship

What else would you put in here ?