Simple Ascension Protocol (sample only)

Written by Jane Johnson

Ascension simple intro:

Let’s remember we all are equal priests so we can all contribute to the facilitation of this group.

Don’t be afraid of silence or sharing if you see something different but let’s all try and stay together and honor everyone’s contribution.

In a moment, we will step through Jesus the door and enter the veil of life to the Holy of holies. As we do picture yourself entering the veil of life through Jesus the door and to the Holy of holies moving beyond the inner court.

Let’s engage all the heavenly hosts to assist us.

We engage the cross where we give over our own issues and choose to die to self. (Pause)

Then let’s engage the blood of the lamb.

Let’s put our body and soul under our spirit and offer ourselves as a living sacrifice renewing our first love covenant and choosing to open all our gates.

We seal off all ungodly portals/dimensions.

Let’s Entangle the seven spirits and wisdoms handmaidens.

You can choose somewhere u feel to engage for intimacy like the soaking room for a moment.